Mosque Cathedral Of Europe

The Best Monuments in Europe: The Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba leads the ‘top 10’

It is no new news Spain is among the most visited countries in the world. Nor it is a news that it is a leader in tourism competitiveness ahead of France and Germany . Its good weather, its gastronomy and its cultural variety makes it an attractive place. Squares, churches, museums … are visited every day by thousands of tourists.

According to the  Travelers’ Choice for Sites of Interest awards, provided by  TripAdvisor , Spain has managed to have place to have 2 places in the ‘top 10’ tourist attractions in the European ‘ranking’. All this depending on the quantity and quality of the comments. The first of them is the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba, which is the best site of interest in Europe and the third in the world. In this way, the first place is taken from the Basilica of St. Peter in the Vatican.

You have to go down to the fourth place to see another place located in Spain: the Plaza de España in Seville, which occupies the ninth place in the world ranking.

1Cordoba Mosque
1. Cordoba Mosque In Spain
saint peter basilica vatican
2. Saint Peter Basilica Vatican
3. church of our savior on the spilled blood in st petersburg
3. Church of Our Savior On The Spilled Blood In St Petersburg
4 Plaza De España Seville Spain
4 Plaza De España Seville Spain
5 Duomo of Milan
5 Duomo of Milan
The Eiffel Tower In paris
6. The Eiffel Tower In paris
7 The Budapest Parliment
7. The Budapest Parliment
8 Notre Dame Cathedral
8. Notre Dame Cathedral
9 London Big Ben
9. The London’s Big Ben
10 Acropolis of Athens
10 Acropolis Of Athens