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The 3 Secrets To Marketing Your Ecommerce Store

You may have found the perfect product that you know people will go crazy over. It solves a common problem and is the only product on the market that can.

Yet, your sales are abysmal. The problems that nobody knows about your product. The problem with an ecommerce store is that it isn’t like a brick and mortar where you can open up on a corner with lots of foot traffic. There’s no way to be visible.

You’ll need a solid marketing plan to get the word out about your amazing product. Cutting through all the noise on the internet isn’t easy, unless you stick to a few basics.

In this article, I will go over several tips that will help you get your product out there and start making more sales.

1 – Use an influencer

No matter what the product is, there is somebody with a huge social media following that can help you promote it. These people are called influencers and are usually thought of for beauty and travel but the reality is that just about every category has an influencer.

What you need to do is find the influencer in your category and reach out. You can ask them to use your product in one of their videos or social media posts. They may do it for free with you just providing a free product in return or you may need to pay them. It all depends on the influencer in question.

The way to find them is to head over to collabstr.com and search for your product category. Then reach out with an email that will help them understand your product and why you think their audience will be interested in it.

2- Launch a multichannel campaign

You’ll have to put together a consistent campaign across a lot of social media and media channels. What this basically means is that you should become your own influencer.

Social media is an obvious first step but it can’t stop there. Find the channels where your audience is hanging out online and create social media profiles on there for your product.

Then start a Youtube channel where you not only show off your product, but you make the content all about the topic or category that your product represents. Lastly, start a podcast doing the same thing. You don’t just want to talk about your product, but everything surrounding the topic.

This will bring you brand awareness and make you an expert in the field which will send a lot of traffic to your ecommerce store.

3- Make a blog

Having a website that discusses the topic in detail will also help you bring people to your product page through SEO. once again, you aren’t just talking about the product, but write articles about the problems people face and then discuss how your product solves that problem.

A good blog will bring in a lot of free traffic that converts really well.