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Switch to Freeview Play to Save Thousands

As millions of people look for ways to cut their costs and reduce their outgoings, more and more people are looking for ways to reduce their entertainment expenditure. You may not have been able to spend much on socialising, travelling or events in 2020 but you might have spent a small fortune on at-home entertainment.

From superfast broadband to consoles and games, creating the ultimate home entertainment hub doesn’t always come cheap. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to save thousands on at-home entertainment. Freeview Play offers a fantastic channel selection and loads of extras for the grand total of £0 per month.

Yes, you read that right! With a set top box from Humax Direct, you can rely on Freeview Play for all your home entertainment needs and have no fees to pay at the end of every month. Having been declared the ‘best set top box of 2020’ by Tech Radar, the Humax FVP-5000T offers everything you could need and more. Simply grab a Freeview Play set top box, connect it to your TV and you’ve got everything you need to start watching the shows you love.

Many households are still spending over £100 a month on cable channels and packages but how much value are you really getting? Chances are, many of the channels you watch are available completely free of charge. What’s more, the increasing range of streaming services available on Freeview Play mean it’s easy to catch up with the top programmes and binge-watch the best series.

Still unsure? Take a look at what Freeview Play can offer and find out why it’s the ultimate way to save money and upgrade your at-home entertainment options:

1. More than 85 SD and HD Channels

If you love watching live TV, you’ll be spoilt for choice with Freeview Play. Offering 70 SD and 15 HD channels, you can switch access 24-hour news, entertainment, drama and action. Featuring the latest releases and the old classics, there’s something for everyone on Freeview Play. If you’ve got youngsters at home, there are plenty of kid’s channels to keep them busy, as well as round-the-clock music and radio channels. Whether you love true crime and gritty documentaries, laugh-out-loud sitcoms and comedy or nail-biting action movies, the selection of channels on Freeview means there’s always something you want to watch.

What’s more, Freeview Play enables you to play, pause, rewind and record live TV. Combining the excitement of watching live content with the flexibility to create your schedule, it doesn’t get any better than Freeview Play.

2. Seven streaming services – all free of charge

When you opt for Freeview Play, you won’t just have the chance to watch live TV. You can skip back up to seven days to catch up on anything you might have missed over the last week. If this isn’t enough, simply take a look at one of the seven free streaming services to find what you want to watch.

Delivering ‘95% of the nation’s TV’ direct to your screens, you can enjoy movies, series and one-off specials on BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4, My5, UKTV Play, CBS Catchup and Horror Bites. If you’re still looking for more, you can also link your subscription services to your PVR or set top box. If you’re a member of Prime Video, Netflix or Now TV, simply add your details to enjoy access to your accounts via your Freeview Play device.

3. Go mobile with Freeview Play

Why be stuck in front of your main TV when you can enjoy your favourite content on a range of devices. The Humax Live app means you can watch live TV or shows you’ve recorded from any enabled device. Choosing a set top box with Wi-Fi means it’s easier than ever to stream content directly from your PVR to your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Get the Best Freeview Play Set Top Box

With Freeview Play, you can save thousands of pounds every year while enhancing your at-home entertainment options. However, your viewing experience will only be as good as the set top box you choose.

From example, you’ll want a PVR with enough storage space to allow you to record all of your favourite content. Similarly, you’ll need a multi-tuner device if you want to record multiple channels at once and watch another. Fortunately, the Humax FVP-5000T offers all this and more. Already declared the best set top box of the year by Tech Radar, you can upgrade your home entertainment system by switching to Freeview Play and Humax today.