STEALTH WAR: The Anti Drone Clothing Line Launched

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The use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) generally named as drones, has generated lots of controversy in recent years.  Drones use thermal imaging sensors to find and lock onto a target. Their use has resulted in civilian causalities, as well as, they are increasingly being used  for home surveillance. The designer Adam Harvey consider drones to be a blatant invasion of privacy. Hence, he has designed a new clothing line “stealth war” to combat the drone surveillance.

The idea of this product came into the mind of Harvey when he was doing research on thermal imaging. He bought a thermal imaging camera and started testing with different solutions to make the heat signature of a body disappear. He found that metal coverings can block the heat signature of a body from thermal imaging sensors. “This is a very simple solution to a rather complicated problem,” Adam Harvey said.

The anti-drone hood was the flagship product of this clothing line exhibited in January in London. One of the products resembled a Burqa.  The items of this clothing line had high prices: £315 ($487.45) for the hood, £370 ($561.99) for the scarf, £35 ($45.58) for T-shirt and £1,500 ($2278.35) for the burqa.