South Korea To Launch World’s First 5G Networks By 2020

South Korea To Launch World's First 5G Networks By 2020-

While 4G is not yet really deployed everywhere, the big telecom companies are already thinking about the future. And it is nothing surprising as why to wait for years to reflect upon the future technologies in the telecommunication? Several countries or groups of countries are thus currently developing the next generation of mobile networks, and it is South Korea that hopes to develop its first commercial 5G network in 2020.

It seems far, or maybe not, everything depends on your point of view on the issue. Nevertheless, the speed that is targeted for 5G should make everyone agree, because according to our famous Koreans,uploading a video of 1 Gbits would take a second.

Of course, the 5G will not operate on the same frequencies as the generations that have preceded it. Thus, where the 4G uses frequencies around 2 GHz, the 5G will use range of 28 GHzThe future is promising, as is evident by the statement made by the group of South Korean operators which give us an example from our daily life. According to them, the video conferencing will be based upon the 3D hologram technology. Not bad, especially since we have recently seen the emergence of the holographic projectors.

The future is upon us, the question is whether we really we will be able to enjoy it in 2020 or whether we have to to wait until 2030 or later….