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Researchers have developed An Electrical Impulse Band to Heal Migraines

If you are suffering from regular migraines, this device could relieve you from the daily pains. If the drug treatments have little effect on you, you can opt for this electrical impulse band. Designers consider it as the most effective against migraine. We explain to you this innovative band.

Cefaly Technology is a company founded in 2004 by Pierre Rigaux and Pierre-Yves Muller. The niche of this company is the development of external stimulation techniques to replace the neuronal therapies that require the implantation of electrodes in the body (spinal cord, for example). Similarly, the Cefaly Technology has developed the anti-migraine band.

This electronic band is placed around the skull and sends electrical impulses to the trigeminal nerve which is the longest nerve in the head and carries pain sensation to the brain. This device would not completely cure migraines, but could reduce the intensity and  the frequency of migraine headaches. About 15% of the population is affected by these pains and three quarters are women. According to tests carried out on victims of pain, the effectiveness of this device is impressive.


The Food and Drug Administration, the organization responsible for validating the drugs in the United States, has approved the marketing of the Cefaly band. This may result in the influx of many new devices using electrical pulses to relieve other pains and problems  like coma or non-migraine headaches. More effective than drugs, and without side effects! Through the export of this flagship product in the United States, the company expects “an annual 25% growth in sales for at least the next five years,” according to Pierre Rigaux .

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Cafely Electrical Impulse Band to Heal Migraines-

Cafely Electrical Impulse Band to Heal Migraines-2

If the clinical trials of Cefaly electronic band proves to be successful, this device appears to be an excellent alternative to drugs against migraine. We hope that this company will develop other equally useful products in the future. Do you think electronic tools could one day replace drugs?