Researchers Design A Toilet That Can Generate Electricity-

Researchers Design A Toilet That Can Generate Electricity

South Korean researchers have found an ingenious way to produce electricity. Indeed, they have developed toilets which are capable of generating electrical current each time a user flushes the toilet. We explain to you everything about these toilets of future. 

A team of South Korean researchers, led by researcher Kim Sang Youm, has developed a new system of power generation based on hydropower. Using a suitable transducer (a device converting a one form of energy into another) it recovers the kinetic energy by the movement of water and converts it into electrical energy.

Experience has shown that using a single drop of water moving over the layers of these special transducers, this new device has recovered enough electricity to illuminate an LED for a few seconds! Thus, when we can evaluate the amount of water in our toilets. Hence, the potentials of these new systems are quite large.

Researchers Design A Toilet That Can Generate Electricity-2

While this innovation is in the prototyping phase, the designers of this new hydroelectric system believe that this system could be used everywhere. With all the water around us like rain, rivers, waves, water from the shower, bathroom or toilet, it will be possible in the future to generate a monstrous amount of electricity!

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We enjoyed seeing these new genre of toilets! Several interesting projects are coming every day such as Solar Toilet To Save Children From Contaminated Water Related Infections.  We are curious to use to use one of these toilets one day and we can not wait till they are finally sold. What do you think of this toilet of the future?