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Rapid DNA Testing Can Identify The Criminals Within Two Hours

A new rapid DNA testing mechanism lets the authorities catch the criminals within short time. It is being considered a revolutionary technology in the scope of crime investigations. For the development and adoption of the technology, the UK Home Office has released funds of worth $732,000 in the form of Innovation fund.

Killers could now be identified within hours thanks to new rapid DNA testing. This avoids further threats from criminals and not allowing them enough time to escape. It is being considered a revolutionary technology for crime investigations. To help the police and promote the technology, UK Home Office has released funds of worth $732,000 in the form of Innovation fund to Lancashire and Nottingham-shire forces.

The technology would speed up the DNA testing process and it is being claimed that DNA reports will be returned within 2 hours. No doubt this will not only help in decreasing the crime rate but also reduces the chances of recurrence of crimes. Prior to this rapid technology, Rapid HIT200 was introduced earlier this year in Florida that could identify the DNA within 90 minutes. This technology was developed jointly by IntegenX in US and Key Forensics in UK. It is a printer like machine to test the DNA. The device works on the swabs collected form the crime scene and then compares them with the national database. The results are quicker than the traditional system and the machine is made portable. Moreover, there is no need of some expert who use it; it is really easy to operate with and very handy. Just put the DNA sample into the machine and get the reply within two hours. The machine can perform tests on 7 samples simultaneously.

Rapid DNA testing
Identifying a criminal can be done within two hours, thankd to new rapid DNA testing machine.
DNA testing
DNA test can easily lead us to the criminal with appropriate accuracy
integenX machine
The machine has been developed by IntegenX in US and Key Forensic in UK.

In addition to that, for an in-depth analysis of the fingerprints, a system is being developed by the University of Sheffield Hallam, UK. The system involves the Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization Mass Spectrometry Imaging (MALDI-IMSI). With the help of MALDI-IMSI tests, using even partial fingerprints, the researchers can find the gender of the criminal and his drugs habits.