Prepare 20 Super Cool Ice creams Yourself (Photo Gallery)

Do you want to refresh yourself during the summers  with cream. Rather than buy, why not do make one  yourself? 😉 

Ice-creams are an integral part of the diet of the during summer seasons. But why always taste the same flavors, try new flavors! Here is a list of the amazing ice flavours to make yourselves.

1. Smashed Berry Lime Coconut Yogurt Ice

Smashed Berry Lime Coconut Yogurt Ice

Ingredients: red fruits, lemon, sugar, yogurt, coconut milk and salt. Recipe here .




Ingredients: Orange juice, coconut milk, honey, orange zest and vanilla zest. Recipehere .


3. Ginger Peach Popsicles

Ginger Peach Popsicles

Ingredients: Peaches, ginger root, water and sugar. Recipe here .


4. Firecracker Ice Pops

Firecracker Ice Pops

Ingredients: Strawberries, blueberries and yogurt recipe here .




Ingredients: Lemon juice, lemon pulp and milk. Recipe  here .


6. Pink Grapefruit Rosemary Popsicles

Pink Grapefruit Rosemary Popsicles

Ingredients: grapefruit juice, refined, water and rosemary sugar. Recipe  here .


7. Peach Popsicles

peach popsicles

Ingredients: Peaches and Greek yogurt. Recipe  here .


8. Blood Orange And Coconut Creamsicles.

Blood Orange And Coconut Creamsicles

Ingredients: Blood Orange, coconut milk and maple syrup. Recipe  here .


9. Sour Cherry Vanilla Fro Yo Pops

Sour Cherry Vanilla Fro Yo Pops0

Ingredients: cherries, sugar and vanilla Greek yogurt. Recipe  here .


10. Mango Lassi And Strawberry Honey Yogurt.

Mango Lassi And Strawberry Honey Yogurt

Ingredients: Mango, Greek yogurt, milk, sugar. Recipe  here .


11. Summer Berry Mint Ice Pops

Summer Berry Mint Ice Pops

Ingredients: Raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, mint, sugar, water, lemon juice.Recipe  here .


12. Fudge Popsicles

Fudge Popsicles

Ingredients: Nuggets chocolates cocoa sugar, vanilla. Recipe  here .


13. Roasted Sweet Corn Pop

Roasted Sweet Corn Pop

Ingredients: Corn, coconut milk vanilla. Recipe  here .


14. Avocado Popsicles

Avocado Popsicles

Ingredients: Avocado, milk, sugar. Recipe  here .


15. Strawberry Cheesecake Popsicles

Strawberry Cheesecake Popsicles

Ingredients: Strawberry cream cheese, milk. Recipe  here .


16. Nutella Fudge Pops


Ingredients: Nutella, banana, cocoa, vanilla sugar. Recipe  here .

17. Apricot Rice Pudding Pops

Apricot Rice Pudding Pops

Ingredients: Apricot rice, cream, coconut milk, ginger. Recipe  here .


18. Vietnamese Coffee Popsicle Recipe

Vietnamese Coffee Popsicle Recipe

Ingredients: Coffee, milk, vanilla cream. Recipe  here .


19. Creamy Coconut Ice Pops

Creamy Coconut Ice Pops

Ingredients: coconut milk, maple syrup. Recipe  here .


20. Cookies And Cream Popsicles


Ingredients: Chocolate wafers, sugar, milk cream. Recipe here .

Wonderful and delicicious Ice flavors, surely there is something for everyone! Get Ready to enjoy with your family and friends the delicious ice creams that you prepared yourself.