Pepper: A Robot That Can Understand Your Emotions

hand shaking Pepper

Robots are sometimes more efficient than humans in executing some specific tasks, but  unfortunately they lack emotions and ability to read emotions. To solve this problem, World’s first droid has been invented that can read expressions, emotions and even crack jokes. It is one of the major milestone in the field of robots as now their interaction with humans will no more be cold. The robot named as Pepper is the invention of a Japanese company and will be available next year in japan for commercial use. The price for the astonishing robot is kept only at 198,000 yen.

The robot has been presented by the company during a showcase ceremony with no legs but gesticulating hands. It is too cute to see it cooing and humming. The company named as Softbank has been credited with this invention. During the show, CEO Mr. Masayoshi Son shook hands with this cute robot. The robot learns about the gestures, speech tone and expressions through its Special engine called ‘emotional engine’ along with artificial intelligence. The company aims to develop robot that can make people smile. Japan is no doubt a leading nation in robotics but still not a single companion robot has been developed. Sony and Japanese Electronics even stopped their pet-dog robot projects.

Japan Emotional Robot
A Japanese company has developed a robot that can understand the emotions, the voice tone and much more
hand shaking Pepper
Pepper is shaking hands with CEO of the company Mr. Son

There is a huge demand for such robots across the world. Honda made a robot named Asimo that is walking and talking robot but could not gain popularity. Sony has also developed a robot that was able to dance and talk but not like Pepper. All other leading companies of Japan including Hitachi and Toyota made numerous robots but no match with new Pepper. There is a lot of research needed in this field as little emphasis has been put on such type of robots.

Cracking jokes robot
The robot has built-in Wi-Fi and BlueTooth to provide internetworking facilities

The cute robot Pepper is 48 inches in length and weighs 28 Kg with two cute doll-like eyes. A display is stuck on the chest of the cute robot Pepper. Besides voice recognition, the robot is equipped with multiple sensors including touch, laser and bumper sensors. Robot is a co-venture with Aldebran Company. According to the chief executive this new robot will fulfill one of the most important functions of emotional companionship of humans to make them happy and improve quality of life.