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Overview of How Reverse Engineering Works

Basically, reverse engineering is taking an object apart and learning from all the pieces on that object. Learning from the object, and then putting it back together into its original form. Software engineering must provide a reversing programming code to revert back to their original programming language and to their original source code.

Why is reverse engineering so important?

It is important to disassemble all the programs that the software engineer has created. Programming software is quite long and difficult to do. The software engineer must program each line to ensure their instructions are led to the right task and place. Of course, each program might have its defect in its code. If you notice that most programs will have updates and patches which updates so often. Most programs usually have conducted a thorough check through their programs but they usually find something wrong with it. Even hackers, crackers, and other malicious attacks use this method to gain access to other people’s devices without them even knowing. This is why most engineer takes extra precaution by using reverse code engineering tools to assist them with finding defects in their software.

What can reverse engineering be used for?

Reverse engineering can be used in many aspects. Reverse engineering learns about other interfaces and integrates with each other systems. A good example would be an application that is able to transfer document files from one OS to another OS. Or playing on different game systems to play on a singular game. Military and/or commercial espionage is a great way to us reverse engineering. Learning about new technology that the enemy has and using that knowledge to gain higher ground in both strategic level tactics and weaponry. Lastly, it is to save money. To be able to repurpose a program that can help create a new one and able to use the same part of programming to adapt/upgrade their current programs.

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Be careful with reverse engineering

Reverse engineering is a very useful tool to have by fixing bugs, program checks, and to learn other people’s creations. But this can pose a problem. Duplicating software programs and make it their own can be a copyright violation. There are some cases that the software products will have a license that prohibits reverse engineering of their products entirely. Nobody wants other people to figure out their secrets. Similar to Tesla electric motor vehicle. Tesla’s vehicle has a great battery management system, that prevents other people from copying to their vehicle software programming and electrical battery system. It is always important to go through the software product, to ensure there isn’t copyright protection on it. It would be terrible to have a lawsuit against you.


In conclusion, reverse engineering is a very important part of the engineering world. Software engineering requires these particular skills to help perfect and protect their software products through updates. There are many others who would use this skill to maliciously attack other people’s devices for information, but it is reverse engineering’s job to ensure that everything is working perfectly. Just make sure that you don’t run into any legal issues with copyright protections.