OtoSense: This Incredible App Lets Deaf See And Feel Sounds-

OtoSense: This Incredible App Lets Deaf See And Feel Sounds

OtoSense is an original app that allows deaf people to pick bells, alarms and timers, etc. The app identifies these sound and warns its owner with flashes, vibrations or text messages.

Have you ever wondered how deaf people would hear an alarm? Or if there was a burglar alarm for the deaf? Well, they use visual or vibrating alarms (for deaf burglars, we do not know). The front door bell, a hoot, a bark, the oven timer or a fire alarm: hearing is a great way to track an event or danger. The new app OtoSense developed by Sebastian Christian, a French researcher will allow deaf people to identify all the sounds of everyday life. OtoSense identifies sounds in question and as soon as the phone picks them it notifies the owner by various non-acoustic means: flashes, vibrations, SMS… OtoSense can even connect to the Pebble vibrating watch and the connected flash light Philips HUE- which flash and change color for each sound recognized by it. Come on, let’s all put earplugs and download the app! Demonstration in the video below (with sound!).


We are really impressed by this revolutionary app and hope that it is marketed soon to improve the lives of millions of deaf around the world. Do you think mobile technology can help improve the lives of handicapped people?