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More Than A Billion Smartphones Worldwide In 2013 With Samsung The Undisputed Leader

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Now, it is the time to assess the performance of different smartphone constructors worldwide for the year 2013. The Samsung really leads the way as the firm has sold more smartphones than Apple, BlackBerry and Nokia combined. We present to you some further details in this regard. 

It is true that most of the smartphone manufacturers are facing tough times. However, this does not seem to be the case the for the South Korean giant Samsung. This is probably the most known brand for Android devices. They have sold 5 million Galaxy Note 3 smartphones to this day, and their overall sales amount to about 1 million units per day. Samsung has widened its gap with its competitor  Apple which despite selling 153 million iPhones and 12% growth, has lost ground as its market share for the year 2013 fell from 18.7% to 15.3%.

The figures also showed Android controls about 80% of the global smartphone market. This will benefit Samsung, but also Google whose Android operating system now captures 80% of the OS market. Samsung confirms its position as the leading seller of smartphones worldwide, far ahead of its competitors. It sells more smartphones than Apple, Nokia or BlackBerry.

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Samsung is the largest market actor for the moment. However, we are waiting to see the next round that if the company will retain its supremacy in 2014. And you, are you part of the 31.3% of people with a Samsung smartphone?

Source: Daily Geek Show