Mindblowing Hack Lets You Set Money Aflame Without Burning It

Mindblowing Hack Lets You Set Money Aflame Without Burning It-


It is crazy to set the money on fire unless someone is a joker or trying to prove how crazy he is. However, there is a work around where you can set aflame the money without actually burning it. This way you can impress your family and friends.

This scientific experiment has actually been done by the Bearded Science Guy. He posted a video on youtube in which he showed the implementation of this crazy idea on a hundred dollar note. Thanks to it, you can act as some kind of medieval wizard and win a free drink from your friend.

In order to perform, this experiment you need three things: clean water and an equal amount of 91 percent pure isopropyl alcohol and a container to mix these two things. Mix the water with alcohol and then stir the mixture. Now, soak the hundred dollar bill in this mixture and set it aflame. Soon the bill will be in flame. If the mixture contains ample amount of water to absorb the heat from burning then your 100 dollar bill remain intact. Otherwise, you would violate the federal law.

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