Japan Develops Air-Conditioned Cars Blowing Vitamin C For Healthy Driving



To those who say that driving a car affects the health, the Japanese auto-maker Nissan has responded by equipping its models with anti stress seats and air conditioners supplying vitamin C .

“We want drivers to feel that it is healthier to be inside the car than outside,” said an engineer of Nissan, during the demonstrations of car on the test circuit Yokosuka (Tokyo area ).

The manufacturer is planning to equip its future car models with air conditioners blowing air enriched with vitamin C to hydrate the skin and purify the indoor air with negative ion. This air conditioner was developed by the Japanese Electronic group Sharp.

Nissan also plans to introduce seats equipped with heaters, developed by the U.S. space agency, Nasa, into its cars. This innovation will improve blood circulation and reduce the risk of back pain during extended trips.

The Japanese group has also devised a digital calender designed to improve family relationships, reminding the driver to conveniently birthdays and other events to remember.