Solar-Jet:Solar Energy Will Be Used To Produce Synthetic Jet Fuel

Green Jet fuel

Making the atmosphere clean and long lasting necessitates devising new methods and technologies that produce less emissions and waste products. As they are the main causes of the destruction of our atmosphere. In order to have cleaner and renewable sources of energy, European scientists, working on Solar-Jet project, have created a jet fuel using of sunlight, CO2 and water. If the production of this fuel proves economically feasible at large scale, this fuel can then be customized for the use in cars and other vehicles as well. The researchers were working since last four years on this project and finally came up with a wonderful reactor.

The principle of the fuel production: metal oxide is heated inside a reactor by concentration of solar light, then water and CO2 are rushed through the reactor at 700C to form the syngas. It is exactly the reverse of combustion process, Water and CO2 are taken together and with the help of energy, syngas is produced. This syngas is then liquefied using compression procedure and sent to the shell where the Fischer-Tropsch is used to make a hydrocarbon fuel, same as kerosene. The project head, Le Clercq says, “This large-scale method is already in widespread use throughout the world and has been certified for aviation purposes, this means the fuel produced using this technique will not need to undergo any new, extensive testing and certification procedures.”

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Green Jet fuel
A jet fuel has been introduced that takes sun light CO2 and water
Water and CO2 used to generated fuel
It is said to be the reverse process of combustion. Water and CO2 will be used to generate fuel

Well, the experiments are being done at the lab with a result of a glassful of fuel. Though the results are not confirmed yet but still the scientists are hopeful that one day they will be able to provide cheaper fuel. Besides the cost of the fuel, the other main objective of this research was to yield some environment friendly and green fuel.

Green Fuel
The authorities are also taking interest in this technology to promote the Green Fuel

The authorities are also keenly observing the output of this research as European commissioner Maire geoghegan has stated, “This technology means we might one day produce cleaner and plentiful fuel for planes, cars and other forms of transport,” he added, “This could greatly increase energy security and turn one of the main greenhouse gases responsible for global warming into a useful resource.”  It is utmost desire of the humanity to discover the renewable energy resources so that future generations could enjoy a healthy life. We hope that such fuels are introduced into the market as soon as possible.