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How to Take Your Start-Up Business Online

There is truth to the saying that your first steps in a new enterprise are the hardest, but when it comes to taking your new start-up business online, there are ways you could make those initial steps easier on yourself. Here’s a brief rundown on some of the things you should take note of in order to get up and start running online today.

Choose and Purchase a Domain

So, you’ve done the legwork, and your business is ready to hit the ground running, but how will you reach your clients? Your domain name is how people will find you online. Try and use your business name in as complete a form as possible to make sure it is easy to find. Boasting the world record for the longest domain name may seem like fun, but asking your clients to remember and accurately type out a huge string of words is a sure-fire way to miss opportunities.

If you’re looking to leverage off another platform then there are several free services that will allow you to use their domain free of charge, and this can be great if you are looking to save some money. However, owning your own domain should always be your first choice.

Optimize your Site for Better Search Results

How you choose to market your business is up to you, but being noticed online comes down to more than just how many followers you have on Instagram or friends on Facebook. This is where Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, comes in. Search engines like Google use complex systems called search algorithms to retrieve information from their search index when someone searches for something. In order to get these results quickly, and for accurate searches, search engines often rely on SEO rankings to determine if websites match the search criteria. There are a number of ways you can improve your SEO ranking to ensure more hits on your website, so be sure to do some research into how you can improve your visibility online.

Make Sure Your Site and Business is Protected

When it comes to taking your business online, being accessible is key. Aside from making sure your website is mobile-friendly, always try and have a fast response time when it comes to queries and always be professional in your dealings with clients. Building trust with your clients is essential if you want your business to succeed and trust is built on communication.

While we are on the subject of trust, and you are getting ready to take your business online, be sure to do some research into protecting your business. Find a small business insurance plan that covers cyberattacks and data breaches, so you know you are covered should the worst happen. The Hartford offers a range of small business insurance plans that can help you safeguard your personal property and income.

Whatever your business specializes in, taking it online is a great way to reach new audiences, and doing it the right way can help you grow to new heights.