HealthKit App

HealthKit: iPhone6 App Will Feature Interesting Health Monitoring Characteristics

Apple’s iPhone 6 will feature many interesting health tracking features. The new mobile will also monitor the blood pressure, pulse and temperature of the user. An app has been developed by the Apple which is called HealthKit and its aim is to increase the quality of life.

Multiple health tracking and monitoring gadgets are being developed by different companies but Apple has come up with something extraordinary. It is being said that Apple 6 will have some exciting health tracking features. The new mobile will measure how much does a user walk and also tell the amount of caffeine taken. The new mobile will also monitor the blood pressure, pulse and temperature of the user. An app has been developed by the Apple for this purpose which has been called the HealthKit. The app will also send the data to the family doctor as well.

The HealthKit will also comprise of a wristband heart monitoring, connected to iPhone via Bluetooth. The app will surely help the people in health monitoring in an effective way. The app has different functionalities which monitor different parameters such as blood pressure, oxygen level, sleep, sugar level, hydration, nutrition, physical activity and heart rate. The app is in the testing phase yet and company is going to launch it on the next generation OS named iOS8.


Health monitoring App
iPhone6 will be equipped with extraordinary features of health tracking as claimed by the company
HealthKit App
The Company has been testing new app called HealthKit which monitors different health parameters and also informs the doctors if the condition is serious.
The new anticipated app will be tested on the iOS8

The new operating system of Apple will be used by tablets, iPhone and iPod. The head of software engineering at Apple Corporation says the mobile will send alert to the doctor if the health of the user is in danger zone. Another interesting fact about the new phone is that it will be mass produced using robots. The mobile will be manufactured by the Foxconn and thousands of robots will work on assembly line.

Workers are seen inside a Foxconn factory in the township of Longhua in the southern Guangdong province
HealthKit will also tell you how much walk  you have done and the amount of caffeine taken.

Apple will be the pioneer in benefiting from the robotic manufacturing. According to the company, every Foxbot will be able to make 30,000 mobiles each year. Foxconn is a big company with 1.2 million employees and a number of factories across the China. Besides the robots, the company has also hired 10,000 employees for the iPhone6 project. There are multiple rumors about the structure and design of the new model but no confirmed details have yet been revealed.