Eco-ducts: Ingenious Bridges To Save Thousands Of Animals-3

Eco-ducts: Ingenious Bridges To Save Thousands Of Animals

It is often difficult to reconcile the construction of new roads with wildlife around it. For example, every year in France, there are approximately 24,000 animals that collide on the road with automobiles, not to mention the birds and insects. This alarming finding has prompted Canada to build a bridge for animals, also called ecoduct, to enable animals to bypass the obstacles created by Man. We tell you more about this invention that has already proven itself.

Taking into account this negative impact of highways on the fauna and flora, Canada has undertaken the construction of this “animal crossing”. Indeed, a recent study has demonstrated that these ecoducts actually worked and allowed animals to cross the main roads without being killed. The result is so positive that the State of Washington, USA, also took the initiative to build its own natural bridge. This first ecoduct, 45 meters long, will be surrounded by trees and vegetation to allow the animals to feel as if they are in their natural habitat.

“This is really a remarkable effort,” says Patricia Garvey-Darda, a biologist at the Wenatchee National Forest. “The goal is to connect all species and all habitats. “Many states like Florida and Montana have begun building these bridges for animals. In Canada, we now have 44 such bridges. The construction of eco-ducts helps limits the fragmentation of the landscape brought by the numerous roads and highways.

Here’s a video explaining the draft National Forest Wenatchee (content in English):


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Although, more and more structures of this kind are being built the idea, meanwhile, is not new. In the Netherlands for example, these “wildlife crossings” exist for more than 20 years for now. The country has more than 600 in its territory.

These bridges for animals are absolutely outstanding! Indeed, human activities degrade its fauna and flora, governments are increasingly undertaking building ecoducts worldwide. Great news for the preservation of the environment! And you, what steps you think should be put in place to protect our animal friends?