Cubestormer 3 Breaks It’s Own Record of Solving Rubik’s Puzzle By 2.2 Seconds

CS 3

Solving a puzzle has always remained a confusing and tricky challenge for everyone. One needs a sharp mind to solve a puzzle in seconds. In 1974, a Hungarian architect namely Rubik devised a 3D puzzle called Rubik’s cube. Solving this cube is a big problem as it requires lots of tricks. But recently a robot called Cubestormer 3 has solved it in only 3.25 seconds. This robot has actually broken the world record by almost two seconds.  It is powered by a Samsung Glaxy S4 octa-core smartphone. It contains four Cortex-A7 CPUs and 4 Corte-A15 processors. Interestingly, the previous record was also made by the same family of robot developed by the same technology studio, ARM.

The inventors of Cubestormer 3 had also devised the last robot which made the record in 2011. Both of these inventors are employed in ARM. Previous robot was named as Cubestormer 2 and the record was of 5.27Seconds. They have now given the robot a brain as a processor which can even compete with the human brain. The responses and reflexes of robotic arms are quite fast.

CS 3
A cubestormer 3 robot
ARM Developed Robot
Another ARM developed Cube Solver
Cubestormer 3
Cubestormer 3 while breaking world record

Cubestormer 3 analyzes the cube, calculates its moves and then finally instructions are delivered to the robotic arms which are four in numbers. The system also contains the 4 ARM9 processors which are mainly responsible for sequencing and control of the actions. It seems very simple at the very first glance, however it’s not that simple. According to David Gilday, principle engineer at ARM, the one of the most striking features of Cubestormer 3 is the use of the speed cube. Hence, even before the alignment of the cube sides the robot has calculated the next move. This makes its judgment very near to a fast human player.

ARM Powered CS3
Cubestormer3 Inventors receiving World Record Certificate and Medal

So, if you are stuck in solving a Rubik’s cube, don’t worry robots will help you as they are helping humans in so many things. Interestingly, Cubestormer 3 was designed by its two inventors in their spare time as a hobby. Hence, we can say that such minds who create such things as a hobby are undoubtedly unique. Such healthy activities will undoubtedly put to use for the betterment of humanity.