SmartMio an Addition

Control your Muscle Contraction with Smartphones using SmartMio

EMS stands for Electric Muscle Stimulation is also named as electromyostimulation. EMS does muscles contraction via electric pulses. It has gained attraction in last decade as strength gaining tool. It has become popular among athletes. A number of products like Osim’s USB Powered uPixie use EMS. A very recent product namely SmartMio has joined the family but with more advancements. There are number of new features included in it e.g. use of Bluetooth, connectivity with the smartphone and its use while on the move.

EMS works in analogy to the brain as it tells the muscles to expand or contract just the way brain does. However it does not mean that it will be used as a replacement of physical activity at all. In fact, it will be used as a support for exiting fitness platform. In short, SmartMio acts like a warm up and after exercise as a recovery.


EMS is an Electric Muscle Simulator used for Contraction of Muscles
EMS has grown with smartphone controlled technology
SmartMio: a recent addition in the family of EMS
SmartMio an Addition
SmartMio can be used beneath the clothes and anywhere you want

SmartMio is able to connect with the android and even IOS using Bluetooth. So, one can easily control it according to one’s choice. Intensity of the muscle contraction can also be controlled. A special app is developed for using SmartMio which will guide the user about running specific tasks. This app instructs about the activities helpful or not while on the go. One of the most important features is to remain updated about recent training.

SmaartMio with an app able to communicate with both android and IOS
SmartMio’s app is able to connect with both android and IOS

SmartMio is very portable and can be put beneath the clothes so that routine activities are performed easily. Its dimensions are 0.6*2.4*1.7 inches with a weight of 25 grams only, which makes it worth wearing without getting heavy. Electric shocks are received via electrode pads having a very short life period. Only 20 to 30 stimulations will be required to replace the pads.

SmartMio donation compaignThe fund raising is being done on Indiegogo with the aim of collecting US$ 50,000. The SmartMio is aimed to be launched in November, 2014. More than half of the funding has been achieved while an ample amount of time is still remaining. Hence, we are pretty sure that the funding will be arranged in time and product launch will be done in time.