“Cloak of Invisibility” To Hide Your Personal Data And Location

Invisbility Cloak

User data confidentiality is a main concern nowadays. The Cloak is developed with the aim to hide people’s data from large companies. The coat basically blocks all sorts of signals like wi-fi and mobile operators hence making your phone and gadgets untracebale and secure.

Cloak of Invisibility is a famous concept from Harry Potter. A similar type of gadget has been developed by a firm to make your data invisible. The firm claims that the gadget hides the data in such a way that even Google is unable to get it. The Cloak is developed with the aim to hide people’s data from large companies. The specially made cloak blocks the radio waves from Wifi and Mobile operators, hence making it unable track your location and get other user data.

Data privacy is becoming a serious issue these days because of heavy use of smartphones. In most of the cases, the data shared by the users is not in their knowledge which is the main concern. For this purpose, an Austrian company, Coop Himulb has made wonderful coat that protects the wearer’s personal data from getting shared. The coat basically blocks all the radiations ultimately shielding the data. The coat is made of metallic fiber which absorbs all the signals protecting the important and critical information. Hence, the coat blocks the signals of Wi-Fi, mobile networks and many more.

Invisbility Cloak
An Austrian company has made a Harry Potter-inspired coat that can hide your personal information
Invisibility cloak to Hide your data
Data privacy is a main concern nowadays
Harry potter inspired coat
The idea is inspired from Cloak of Invisibility of Harry Potter
Disguising Cloak
The cloak all the radio waves penetrating through the coat making it secure

The coat has number of pockets that can accommodate many gadgets like smartphones, tablets and much more. The coat has black spots with white background to even mask the user’s original shape. The technology is truly inspired from Harry Potter and fans of the famous movie will be really happy to see this amazing coat. So, you can disappear from the eyes of Google by wearing this coat. No information about your credit card could be stolen because you are away from all the sources of theft.