China: Buy A Smartphone For A Sheep.

1Sheep=1Smart Phone 2 Sheep=1 Tablette 3 Sheep=1 Computer 4 sheep= 1 Laptop

A Chinese vendor in Kasghar has introduced new marketing model in order to sell his hi-tech equipment to farmers in rural area. He is distributing flyers, offering farmers to swap their hi-tech equipment against sheep. His target customers are the villager around Kasghar in the Uighur Autonomous Region of  Xinjiang.  “Many people think that computers are expensive. I want to show them that they are affordable by comparing the value of the products with the good they know best: the sheep”, said Huang Jie as quoted by the China Daily. The young man further added. “They can barter sheep with me, and I help them to sell sheep at a fair price. In case, I get more money than the price of product, I reimburse the difference back to the farmer. ”

This way of selling products is interesting but  according to Huang Jie he has not sold any product yet. One of the man reason for this is the lack of internet access in the villages.