Drone Take Pet Dogs Out For A Walk-1

Can Drone Take Pet Dogs Out For A Walk? (Video)

Drone Take Pet Dogs Out For A Walk-

While it looks as if Amazon is serious about delivering its goods by drone, Dominos wants to use drones for  Pizza delivery and Dubai Government wants to use Drones to deliver official documents, Jeff Myers has thought of using drones to take the dogs out for a walk. This may be a very good solution for very busy people who often do not always have the time to take their dog out for a morning or evening walk.

Jeff Myers is a videographer from New York. He has made his golden retriever take a walk with his drone. The video shows that the dog is in perfect harmony with the drone and walks impassively with his new robot master. Indeed he is quite happy to enjoy the walk.


Drone Take Pet Dogs Out For A Walk-1

However, the concept still seems to be in its infancy as you have to consider many different factors while using this new concept. First of all, the dog should be well-trained which is quite evident from this video. More bigger dogs or animals would require special type of preparations and precautions so that the situation may not get out of hand in case of surprise to the passersby. However, the video takes it as more of a fun concept. In fact, in the video it looks as if dog is walking the drone:) However, the video proves that such thing may be possible in the future.