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Best Apps for Maths Student

For students, requests like “write my research paper” or “help me with my homework” are very common. This is especially true when it comes to mathematics. Fortunately, today, there are readily available apps that can help solve math problems students.

These days, the attention span of students has rapidly diminished. One main reason for this is the over-reliance on gadgets and electronic devices. Since these devices are already part of students’ lives, apps are a great solution when it comes to reinforcing math concepts. Here are some of the best apps to download for maths students.

1. Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha provides detailed answers and solutions to any number- or math-related problems. It’s a computational engine of knowledge that can compute virtually anything across 29 disciplines.

The app can even provide graphic representations, brief explanations, and formula details, to help you understand how it arrived at the problem’s solution.

2. CK12

CK12 comes free on Android, Apple, Windows 8, Windows 10, and web browsers. The app pairs the latest technology with high-quality content. It has interactive learning programs including adaptive practice, simulations, and PLIX.

The app’s BrainGenie section is extremely helpful for high school students and for those who want to hone their proficiency in Algebra.

3. My Script Calculator

MyScript Calculator has functionality that attracts the interest of many students as it can read handwriting as written on the screen. As you would with a research paper, you can just write the equation that needs solving on the screen and the app starts its work. It deciphers the writing, converts it to digital text, then comes up with a solution.

4. Photomath

Photomath is another free app available on both iOS and Android platforms. Just take a photo of the problem and it gives you a step-by-step solution. The app can handle problems from simple arithmetic to fractions to quadratic and linear equations to trigonometry. Teachers recommend it as a support for studies but only for home use.

5. iMathematics Pro

iMathematics Pro contains a lot of math information covering over 120 topics and more than 1000 formulas. It has an appealing interface along with seven calculators and solvers. If you’re a math enthusiast or you need my assignment help, this is a great option.

6. Geometry Pad

Geometry Pad comes free for iOS and Android and it can make the comprehension of geometric concepts interesting and easier. This ensures improved student participation in the classroom.

Teachers may give students homework help online using the app. They can practice measurement-taking, use the compass, perform experiments with various geometric shapes, and create geometric sketches as well.

geometry pad

7. Studygeek

Studygeek is an excellent tool as it has a glossary of thousands of vocabulary words related to math. To understand mathematics completely, you must have a mathematical vocabulary.

The app also has a selection of videos that covers almost anything mathematical, from algebra to geometry, and much more. It also has games aimed to test the retention of math vocabulary. Just like any other student, you will definitely enjoy playing games while learning.

8. Khan Academy

Khan Academy, a non-profit entity, provides a wide assortment of free educational content like videos on almost any and every learnable subject including a focus on math.

You can resort to the Khan Academy’s library of courses and videos for free or guided study or prepare for exams. Teachers can also make use of the app’s educational content for the enhancement of their lessons.

9. Brainscape Flashcards

Brainscape Flashcards comes in both Android and iOS-based platforms. This is different from the usual procedures because the app first gathers input from you then creates a study plan that’s tailored specifically for your needs.

As in any capstone paper by Edubirdie, you will have a well-made plan to help you with your studies. Math teachers love this app for its flashcard function which becomes very effective when teaching students how to learn their formulas.

Moreover, the timings of the flashcard repetitions of this app come based on your own cognitive requirements. This has been scientifically proven to help students learn better at half the time.

10. Mathway

Mathway teaches you that solving problems isn’t just about getting the right answer. Understanding the step-by-step solution is far more important when teaching or learning math. In this respect, this app is a learning aid where you to enter equations and discover step-by-step solutions until you arrive at the final answer. The app covers a wide range of math topics including algebra, calculus, math, and statistics. To understand math concepts completely, this is a very useful aid.


Unaware of what they hold in their hands, students with tablets and smartphones possess a tool packed with an incredible amount of computing power, all contained in one small compact package. They hold in their hands a great portable mathematical and calculating machine that makes learning fun!

For those looking for a great calculator replacement with detailed math reference tools or just for the fun of math games, the apps we just discussed will help you out. No trouble at all. Just download the app you need and you’re on your way to start using it!

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