Best 5 Spy Apps You Can’t Miss In 2019


There is nothing more disturbing in the world than wondering if you are being cheated upon by your partner. Do you feel that your partner is cheating on you? Well, those days are gone when you had to monitor your partner’s movements and activities physically.

Now, you have spy apps to help you out! Technology has come a far way, and it has a solution for almost everything. If you are in search of a tech solution to spy on your partner, I have it ready for you!

The solution to your problem is a phone spy app. You don’t need your partner’s phone physically anymore to monitor it. Simply make use of the spy application and know all their moves.

You can track their location, access their social media accounts, read their SMSs, and more. All of this without them knowing about it. Yes, that is what you call perfect spying. Know if your partner is cheating on you with the help of a phone spy app.

In this article, I will be sharing a list of the best 5 spy apps that you can’t miss out on in 2019. Read till the end, and you will have an answer to which one you should be using for your needs.

1. Cocospy: The Ultimate Spying App of 2019

Cocospy is the perfect app to help you spy on your partner’s phone and monitor the messages he sends or receives, the places he visits, and more. Try this phone spy app and monitor all about his activities without him knowing about it.

CoCospy 1

Cocospy has got more than a million users spread across the world in over 190 countries. Its large customer base is proof that people are loving the utility and functionalities that Cocospy has to offer.

Some of the world’s most popular tech media outlets have appreciated Cocospy as being the best phone spy app. These media outlets include the New York Times, LifeHacker, PC World, amongst others.

The spy application has got more than 35 exciting features to try out. What’s more, is that you don’t have to root or jailbreak your partner’s device for it! Have you heard of any such reliable application before?

No, right? Because there isn’t any! Cocospy is the perfect phone spy app you can use to keep a check on your partner. People even utilize it to keep a check on their children’s or employees’ activities.

1.2. Spy features that make Cocospy the best choice

Here are the best spy features offered by Cocospy application:

No root or jailbreak: You don’t have to void the warranty of the target device. That is, no need to root or jailbreak the device to use the Cocospy app.

Invisible spy app: For iOS target device, there is no app installation required. All you need are the iCloud credentials of the device. For Android devices, it is a 2MB app that doesn’t drain the battery.

Also, you can hide the app icon after installation. This makes spying very easy.

Access to all text messages: Cocospy gives you access to private as well as group SMS messages. Also, you can access Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. without your partner knowing about it.

Media files: Know when your partner is sending any images, audio, or video files. You can download and retrieve these media files remotely.

Deleted messages: Check out the messages that get archived or deleted too. So, know when your partner is trying to hide something from you.

Use the Cocospy app for yourself and understand its amazing utility! You will not look for any other spy app again!

2. Spyic: A reliable spying solution

Spyic is another useful phone spy app available today. It is an exciting app with great utility. You can use its tools to monitor the activities of the target device easily.

You can keep a check on the device’s messages, social media accounts, track the device’s location, etc. There are millions of users in more than 190 countries that are using the app.

Forbes, Times, CNET, etc. are just a few names in the tech market that appreciate the quality of this spy app. With over 35 interesting features, it makes spying super easy for you. There is no need to root or jailbreak any device to track its activities.

For an iPhone, there is no need to even install any app. Just create an account on Spyic and add the iCloud credentials to begin spying. For the Android device, it is a small app that you can hide, and the user won’t know about it!

You can check out the demo of the app on the Spyic website.

3. Mobile Spy: A simple spy app

Mobile Spy is also a phone spy app. Though it is not the perfect one, it is better than a few other spy apps in the market. You can track someone’s location as well as messages using this application.

However, you can say that it is only suitable for these two activities. To put it in simple words, it is good at what it does. But it does not really add much more value as the purpose is quite limited.

The application is available at reasonable rates, and so, you can put it on #3 on the list.

4. Hellospy: Monitor a phone with it

Hellospy is a phone spy app that is inspired by the best in the market, Cocospy, and Spyic. It can be used to monitor the target device. You will be able to access messages, location, etc. with the application.

There are reasons it didn’t make it to the top with the best 2. One such reason is that it does require you to jailbreak the iOS device.

Also, the user interface of Hellospy is not that appealing.

5. iKeymonitor: Spy on phones and computers

Now, here’s an app that makes it to the top 5 because of an additional feature on offer. In addition to phones, you can spy computers with it too.

Being able to monitor both phone and computer sounds exciting, but it has its cons. To begin with, it is not quite an affordable solution to your needs.

Secondly, it requires you to root or jailbreak the device. This means that if the target device is in warranty, it will become void. This is not really recommended, in my opinion.

Now that you know about the best 5 spy apps for the phone make your choice. Your choice must be quite clear after knowing all the features and concerns of all the phone spy apps here.

Go ahead and track your partner’s device to know if he’s cheating on you! Start spying!

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