An Amazing Skyscrapper To Change Color Like A Chameleon

An Amazing Skyscrapper To Change Color Like A Chameleon-

The “Tower Infinity” is a skyscraper that would be able to become invisible by blending into the landscape. The colors of the glass vary depending on its environment, which makes it invisible.

Tired of all these buildings cluttering the urban landscape? And if it would be possible to do away with this problem without hurting anyone? The architectural firm GDS has designed an unusual skyscraper unusual project: the “Tower Infinity” (also called “Ecoprism Tower “), a 450 meters High tower supposed to be totally invisible …! With facades covered with LED, engineers would be able to simulate the invisibility of the building, by reproducing the colors and shapes captured on the other side of the building. A perfect camouflage which will allow the skyscrapers to blend in the business center of Cheongna near Incheon Airport on the outskirts of Seoul. The building permit has been granted and construction expected to be delivered shortly. Lets hope we will be able to see this magical skyscraper soon that would change its color like a Chameleon.


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