Amazon Files Application With FAA To Test Its Delivery Drones In US-

Amazon Files Application With FAA To Test Its Delivery Drones In US

The online sales giant Amazon has filed an application with the US aeronautical authorities to carry out testing of its delivery drones. Hence, confirming its unusual project ‘Prime Air’ for delivery within 30 minutes.

In a letter to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), made public this week, the giant Amazon says that because of restrictions on the use of drones in in U.S. airspace, it is forced to make the test flights of its delivery drones behind the closed doors in other countries. Furthermore, the letter also states that it is the desire of Amazon to do more research and development on the project inside the USA. This would ensure that important investments and the jobs created as a result of the project remain inside the USA.


The company calls for an exemption from FAA regulations in both the public interest and as a necessary step for the development of the Amazon Prime Air service, announced in December 2013 by CEO Jeff Bezos. He had announced that the service will be most probably launched in 2015. However, the launching of this service would require the permission from FAA, as well as, development of a highly automated aircraft that would be able to fly more than 80 km/h carrying up to 2.2 kg of goods. Furthermore, many questions related to the safety and practical implementation of the service also need to be addressed beforehand.

Amazon intends to carry out test flights in its labs near Seattle (Washington state located in the north-west of the country) as well as on sites approved by the FAA. Amazon is hopeful of one day it would be a normal sight to see Amazon Prime Air drones in the skies