A Luxurious Prison For Terrorists In Saudi Arabia (Gallery)

A swimming Pool in the Saudi prison.
A swimming Pool in the Saudi prison.

A rehabilitation prison has been opened for terrorists in Saudi Arabia. The prison contains a swimming pool, gymnasium, relaxation area, painting workshops and other games. This luxurious rehabilitation program has been designed for Al-Qaeda members who want to repent.

This rehabilitation prison named Centre and Supervisory Board of the Prince Mohamed bin Nayef has all the comforts of a hotel. It will soon be inaugurated on the outskirts of Riyadh. The building will accommodate 3,000 prisoners and according to the director of the establishment al-Saidi Bichi: “To fight against extremism, we must treat them with a balance of intellect and psychology through dialogue and persuasion. We must counter the root cause of the problem by replacing the extremist mindset with clear ideas and not by another less extremist Salafi ideology.”

A Billiard room in the Saudi prison
The dining doom of the Saudi prison.
Exercise machines for the Saudi prisoners.