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7 Great Electronics You Need Now

Technology is booming like never before, making keeping up with it a full-time hobby for true techies. Something new comes out and you go and get it. Months later, here comes something faster with a higher-resolution and sexy design that threatens to make your months-old gadget obsolete.

Maybe it doesn’t bother you not to have the latest tech. Maybe you’re not one of those people who gets a little envious every time your friend pulls out her brand new iPhone. But wouldn’t you at least like to know what’s out there? There are some electronics out there that are revolutionizing the way people live, work, and play. Continue reading to learn what they are.

Doorbell Cameras

Ring revolutionized home security forever with their doorbell camera. It allows you to see from your front porch all the way to the street depending on the size of your yard. If your home is automated and you have other security cameras on your network, you can sync ring with your existing system.

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Running your security from a home automation system requires a highly capable wifi connection. Look for internet plans that offer panoramic wifi and unlimited broadband. Your automated security system may use a lot of broadband, but it’s well worth it.

Microsoft Xbox One X

Microsoft’s Xbox One X is a common choice among the serious gamers. It has a very aesthetic design and it is backward compatible with all the previous versions of Xbox One games that have around since many years. Since Xbox One X supports a 4K resolution, you can watch Blu-ray movies as well as 4K gaming experience. This HDR experience is truly mind blowing.

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Truly Wireless Earbuds

Do you remember when Bluetooth technology was first introduced to the general public? If you didn’t know any better, you’d have thought a quarter of Americans lost it and started conversing with themselves. With Bluetooth being on the market for 15 years now, it has advanced greatly.

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One of the hottest developments has been truly wireless earbuds like the Apple AirPods—the first earbuds to have no wire connecting the buds together. You don’t even plug them up to charge them—you just set them in a cradle for a couple of hours. Once they’re charged, you pop them in your ears and you’re ready to take on the world to the soundtrack of your life.

Smartphone Charging Cases

Everywhere you go, people are walking with their heads bent, staring down at their smartphones. Whether they’re talking, watching Youtube videos, or being a social media influencer, people are almost always on their smartphones. As busy as people are on their devices today, they need a charger that’s as mobile as they are.

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The smartphone charging case is the ultimate solution for anyone who’s smartphone is always barely clinging to life. You just put your phone in the charging case like you would a protective case and keep going.

Smart Speakers

Smart speakers are the brains of home automation technology. These helpful little speakers—also called personal assistants—do almost everything but the dishes. The more popular ones, like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant, can operate all of your home’s smart devices.

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Your home automation system is equipped to do everything from operating your home’s thermostat to controlling the temperature on cooking foods. Remember, home automation systems require high-speed internet and unlimited broadband to operate to their fullest capabilities. Compare internet plans with iSelect to get the plan you need at the best price.

Keeping up with the latest, cutting-edge technology is a pass-time unto itself. But keep watching, new tech is making lives easier and more fun every day.