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7 Fundamental Instagram Marketing Strategies for E-Commerce Websites

Instagram is another name for pictures. Mind you, there are tonnes of picture-sharing apps, but nothing comes close to Instagram’s popularity. 

Let’s talk about some figures – 

  • Over 1.5 billion active users 
  • 500 million users engage in “IG Stories” 
  • And, users spend over 8 minutes on Instagram every day

Instagram is now trending with e-commerce businesses all over the world. And, they are flourishing too! Moreover, people are coming up with incredibly powerful marketing strategies to promote their websites on Instagram. Startups can buy Instagram followers and instantly gain higher engagement rates

Let’s take you through the 7 Fundamental Instagram Marketing Strategies for eCommerce Websites – 

Business Profile 

Your Instagram Marketing Plan depends on this. It’s easy to switch as well. Just head over to your settings and switch to a business profile. 

With your business profile, you can easily access your Instagram Analytics. You will now learn how your audience reacts to your posts. 

Moreover, track metrics and understand your audience better with Instagram’s business profile. Isn’t that amazing?

These free Instagram tools are specific to the hilt. You can track which of your posts did better and figure out who enjoyed it most. 

Use Teasers

One of the best IG marketing strategies is to tease your audience about your next product. Aggressive advertisements may be too much for some people. 

What if you make your audience more curious on their own?

Talk about your product without being too pushy about your products. You can fish out the curiosity of your audience without even trying too hard. Moreover, that’s beneficial on three levels. 

  • Increased curiosity
  • No IG Ads costs
  • Won’t lose IG followers 

Gentle pushing through huge discount offers on “selected” brands is a perfect way to do this. 

Your best chance is to create some noise. Let them comment, like, and preferably share your posts with their friends. 

Instagram Stories 

We cannot move ahead without mentioning the power of Instagram stories. IG stories put smaller bits of life into perspective with the larger picture. Let me explain.

Tell a personalized story that enhances your story as an entrepreneur. Businesses and eCommerce websites have swiftly transformed the space into a growth hacking tool. 

And boy does it work. With story mentions from influential bloggers, you can gain immediate profile reach, higher engagement and even better followers count. Moreover, you can create a better opportunity for you to bond with your audience. 

Brands & eCommerce websites use Stories for teasing their audience, too. And, it is tremendously effective. Want to provide an early sneak peek into your next line of products? We say, “It’s a great idea”. Moreover, your audience will instantly react with growing interest. What else can you hope for?”

Furthermore, you can use the stickers feature for more audience engaging activities like –

  • Asking a Question, 
  • Conducting a Poll, 
  • Creating countdowns before your next launch, 
  • Geo-tagging, etc. 

Influencer Partnering

Choose Instagram handles that are close to your niche and your brand’s ideology. If you are a vegan products company, it’s better if you approach influencers who are vegans themselves. 

Without influencer partnering, you cannot expect to grow high with today’s Instagram algorithm. Instagram influencers have worked hard for their followers and that’s why they command a strong position. 

Moreover, Growth Hacking with the correct influencer matters the most. You need to spot the influencers who have the most relatable audience. 

There’s nothing stronger than brand awareness and long-term ties with influencers can help you with that. 

Use your Customers 

One of the best Instagram marketing strategies for eCommerce websites would be to use customers. How? Let me explain. 

You can reshare customer testimonials on your grid. It serves so many purposes at once. 

You didn’t have to pay for ads

Followers can see valid reviews instantly

You didn’t even have to work hard on that post

Reshare videos made by your customers while using your product. 

However, don’t be pushy while asking your customers to post your products. You can gently offer to tag them in your re-shares. There’s a win-win scenario for you both. 

Remember to consider these three aspects before resharing user-submitted photos:

If the picture goes with your brand’s image

Whether that user has sufficient followers of himself or herself

Is the photo perfect for your current followers?

Make sure to choose user-submitted pictures that resonate with the essence of your brand. 

Hashtag that matters

Let’s face it – Instagram is nothing without its hashtags. Create one hashtag that can amplify a feeling. 

Moreover, people usually attach themselves not to your products, but the experience of it all. For example, let’s look at the company Redbull. 

What does Red Bull do to you? 


What do you do with a Coca-Cola bottle?


Post Timings 

Too many posts will lead to the loss of valuable followers. Being consistent is one thing, but being over-the-top with brand posts all the time is another. 

Choose peak days & peak hours for posting. Create a content calendar and stick to it. Find out from your Instagram Insights to see when your audience is online.

Moreover, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are perfect for Instagram posts. 

One post is fine and three posts a day is way too much. Keep a balance between the two. 


There can be tonnes of ways to spread brand awareness for your product. One such brilliant way is to find the best sites to gain Instagram followers. If you buy followers at the beginning you are more likely to project your company in a better light. Moreover, your engagement rates will be higher if more people see your posts. 

Try something new and let us know how it worked. Comment below on how these tips helped you. See you next time.