Here we present 40 high definition Galaxy backgrounds that you can use as Wallpapers. These HD wallpapers are completely free and at no cost whatsoever. The procedure of downloading is simple, when you choose any cool wallpaper simply click on it to enlarge and then you can easily download it as a normal picture. Then depending upon the OS that you are using, simply change the background of your device to your cool wallpaper. Please do let us know about your choice in the comments and if you think that there is any cute background that is not included in the list, please let us know. We appreciate our readers and their feedback is valuable to us.

For most of us when we talk about the word “Galaxy” the first thought that comes into our mind is that of a famous company that makes mobile phones. However, we want to clarify this thing that here we mean the real Galaxy. A galaxy is an assembly of stars, dust, interstellar gas and very often a massive black-hole at its center. Excessive commercialization has indeed complicated the things and we are not by any means endorsing the galaxy mobile phones.

Galaxies have long been a subject of fantasy for many of us. The reason, just like stars and other planets we cannot see the galaxies with our own eyes. The only photos that are available are taken by powerful telescopes like Hubble or Satellites. Those who study Astronomy know very well that the Space is immense, there are more than 100 Billion galaxies in it. We have been only been able to explore a part of it. Nevertheless, a picture worth more than a thousand words and that is true because when we see an image we suddenly start getting a perspective about it and interpret it in our own ways. When we compare ourselves with this universe, galaxies, milky way and stars, we suddenly realize how small we are. We are wonder-struck with these awesome photos of the space. Talking about the perspective when a story teller sees a galaxy it gives rise to new fathoms, when an artists sees a galaxy it becomes a piece of art and when a scientist sees a galaxy all the processes that are going in the galaxy suddenly come to his mind. That is how the perspective differs between everyone of us. That is what that makes this universe, galaxies, stars and our life so beautiful. These galaxy wallpapers can easily be used and do not forget them with your friends and family. You know sharing is indeed caring.

For those who might be interested take a look at this space galaxy animated wallpaper