24 Touching And Warm Moments Captured By The Eye Of Camera (Photo Gallery)

During our daily life we come across situations where we see that humanity is still alive. These moments show the love and affection of a human towards another human. Nowadays, with the advent of cameras and smartphones some people manage to capture these magical moments so that they live for ever in our memories. Here, we present a collection of such touching photos.

1. These two toddlers who had never met before have decided to hug each other in an airport terminal

Touching Moments-two stranger toddlers hug

2. This young stranger offered his arm to accompany an old man during his walk

Touching Moments-stranger accompany an old

3. The police officer who stopped to help a lame dog cross safely

Touching Moments-police man help lame dog cross

4. The traveler who was in a hurry … but did not forget the significance of the day

Touching Moments-traveller who was in hurry but did not forget importance of day

Sorry. I found myself in a hurry and forgot the most important: Merry Christmas. Cheers.

5. These bald dolls that have been created to raise awareness and offer solidarity with cancer patients

Touching Moments-bald dolls for cancer patients

6. These two little aliens that spontaneously took one another’s hands

Touching Moments-two alien kids take hands

7. The emergency physician who does not hesitate to treat a poor cat

Touching Moments-emergency doctor helps poor cat

8. This dry cleaning service is not there to make money

Touching Moments-dry cleaner helping jobless

If you are unemployed and you need clean clothes for an interview, we wash them free.

9. The gas station that values ​​its customers

Touching Moments-gas stations values its customers

“Out of Regular.  SUPER priced same as Regular. ”

10. An anonymous who helps others complete their wishes

Touching Moments-free wishes

11. This shy little boy who really wants a hug

Touching Moments-Shy boy wants free hug Free hugs.

12. This unlikely pair of best friends

Touching Moments-Unlikely pair of best friends

13. The famous sportsman, Randall Cobb, told a Navy officer before signing an autograph, “I think I’m more a fan of you! “

Touching Moments-Randall Cobb fan of a sergeant

14. The anonymous donor who thinks of abandoned dogs

Touching Moments-helping abandoned dogs

Dog food for stray dogs.

15. The homeless will wake up with a surprise breakfast.

Touching Moments-surprise breakfast for homeless

16. The man who uses his lunch break to read books to a man who can not read

Touching Moments-Man reads books to people who cannot read

17. This generous person who saw the opportunity to turn an unfortunate situation into a good cause.

Touching Moments-Donating to a good cause

18. This unknown person who took the time to stick those little words on 600 lockers

Touching Moments-Tender words on locker doors

You are beautiful. From inside and outside. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

19. This touching picture of a son to his father

Touching Moments-Touching picture gift to father

20. This act of generosity that will make you very happy

Touching Moments-Generosity to stranger

21. These people who do not hesitate to stop the traffic to let a mother duck and her ducklings safely cross

Touching Moments-stop traffic to let duck pass

22. A bus passenger who took off his shoes and give them to a homeless

Touching Moments-Passenger gives shoes to homeless

23. This man, Arnulfo Castorena, winning his first medal for Mexico in the Paralympics

Touching Moments-Arnulfo Castorena wins first olympic for his country

24. This image that brings us all together …

Touching Moments-Image that brings us together

No act of kindness that can bring a smile on another person’s face is smaller in significance. And on your side, what is your little gesture?