Halloween Cat Disguises 17

19 Cats Victim Of Fantasies Of Their Masters For Halloween (Photo Gallery)

Cats are sometimes victims of wacky whims of their masters who conceive original ideas for clothes, hats and costumes of all kinds. And the arrival of Halloween does nothing to not help much to improve things. As a proof we present to you hilarious photographs of these 19 cats dressed as a maid, policeman or Princess Leia.

1. The maid with a mischievous look

The maid with a mischievous look-Haloowen Disguisesvia villagevoice

 2. The feline version of Pamela Anderson in Baywatch

2. The feline version of Pamela Anderson in Baywatch-Haloowen Disguisesvia nicegirlmeansthought

 3. Heavy metal fan (or both)

3. Heavy metal fan (or both)-Haloowen Disguisesvia corpsepaintkitty

 4. Gentleman look

Gentleman look-Haloowen Disguisesvia tumblr

 5. The geek costume of Princess Leia in Star Wars

The geek costume of Princess Leia in Star Wars-Haloowen Disguisesvia starwarsblog

 6. The peacekeeper

The peacekeeper-Haloowen Disguisesvia buzznet

 7. The naughty librarian

The naughty librarian-Haloowen Disguisesvia funnyanimalsite

 8. Schoolgirl coquette

 Schoolgirl coquette-Haloowen Disguisesvia dailymail.co.uk

 9. Sexy sailor

Sexy sailor-Haloowen Disguisesvia alicewrites

 10. The evil ensorcelleuse

The evil ensorcelleuse-Haloowen Disguisesthrough Catster

 11. The cheerleader

 The cheerleader-Haloowen Disguisesvia sodahead

 12. The manly cowboy

The manly cowboy-Haloowen Disguisesvia awwwsnlols

 13. The stalk angel

 The stalk angel-Haloowen Disguisesvia suit-works

 14. And his evil twin

And his evil twin-Haloowen Disguisesvia -hosted P0.vrest

 15. Sexy rabbit

 Sexy rabbit-Haloowen Disguisesvia bite.ca

 16. Dr. Meow

Dr. Meow-Haloowen Disguisesvia attackofthecute

 17. The feline version of Maya, the Bee

The feline version of Maya, the Bee-Haloowen Disguisesvia alleycatsandangels

 18. The feline version of Bob the Builder

The feline version of Bob the Builder-Haloowen Disguisesvia ryan-hayes

 19. And the unapologetic nudist!

And the unapologetic nudist!-Haloowen Disguisesvia diesel722.deviantart

Ah cats! These little fur balls chewable always make us laugh, even when they are victims of the delusionsional fantasies of their masters. Hopefully, these cats were not too bothered by these crazy costumes ;). Which of these cats made you laugh the most?