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10 Qualities Of A Dependable iPhone Keylogger App

Many concerned parents are turning to reliable iPhone Keylogger apps to prevent their beloved children from the modern day pitfalls of the internet and Smartphone use. They rely on these apps to monitor the activity on these phones to try and stay ahead of any trouble that may arise. Other individuals that are benefitting from the advent of iPhone keylogger apps are employers with strict social media and phone use during work hours and spouses that detect unfaithfulness.

How exactly do you go about selecting an iPhone keylogger app? There are dozens of them in the market, all claiming to have the best collection of spy features and value for your money. If you have been disappointed before, worry not, because Cocospy services will provide you with everything you need.

Cocospy is a great iPhone keylogger that has millions of users that have nothing but praise for its excellent functionality. With Cocospy, you don’t need to worry about your plan going south, as even the mobile phone experts on iGeeks Blog, PC World, Android Authority and Life Hacks will agree to its effectiveness.

If you are looking for a superior mobile tracking app, here are the most crucial characteristics to look for:

Customer service

The best app is one that has a reliable customer service team ready to answer any questions you may have. With Cocospy, you can access customer service via e-mail. You can also visit their FAQs page to get basic information.

Cost of an iPhone Keylogger

While you may want to minimize costs by getting a free iPhone keylogger app, you are highly discouraged against it. Free apps have little to no customer service or tech upgrades. With a free app, the chances of getting hacked or obtaining a product with malicious code that will completely damage your phone are incredibly high, not to mention the lack of legal accountability. With a paid service, you get access to dedicated customer service, a team of experts that will continuously upgrade the software to eliminate bugs, and access to a legally designed program with reduced risk.

Again, some products may be too expensive for a parent or small business looking for simplified features. With Cocospy iPhone Keylogger, you don’t need to worry about your budget getting blown, as their packages are reasonably priced. You pay for the package that suits you most to avoid paying for stuff you do not need.

Should work well with all kinds of devices

Look for an app that is compatible with iOS, BlackBerry, and Android devices. Moreover, choose one that does not require you to jailbreak or root your device, as these operations violate your device’s warranties and can cause significant damage. With Cocospy, you can install in an Android or iOS device without having to root or jailbreak, respectively. You can still obtain reliable information from the phone.

iPhone Keylogger Functionality

This is a measure of the features the iPhone keylogger app has that enhance the spy function. With Cocospy you get access to the best possible combination of highly effective elements. While you may only want to monitor the target device’s social media activities, Cocospy goes the extra mile to ensure that you have not only access to Facebook, but also Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Viber and Skype to get the most amount of information.

With Cocospy, you can view all the social media accounts, their activity (followers, who they follow, liked posts, sent messages) and how long they spend on these networks.

Calls and SMS tracking

You should also seek a spy app that gives you unlimited access to call logs and calls so that you can view phone activity outside social media. Cocospy provides you with the phone’s call logs, call duration, and who the most called contacts are. In addition to calls, you can also view the target phone’s messages, multimedia files sent and received, as well as the timestamps.


Many parents and employees need a product that can give them the live positions of cell phone owners. Look for an app that will provide you with an accurate location using GPS, and has a Geofencing feature. With Cocospy, you get this remarkable feature, plus alerts every time the phone is outside the prescribed geo-fence.

Browser activity monitoring

Another area that is critical to observe are the sites that the target phone’s owner is visiting. There are many sites that can corrupt children, for instance, adult sites, blogs with inflammatory messages, gossip and pop culture, dating sites, among others that can have adverse effects. The app you choose should supply you with reliable information about the sites the phone owner is visiting. With Cocospy, you get to know these sites, plus downloads, history, and bookmarks.

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An Easy-to-use Keylogger for iPhone

The app you select should have a user-friendly control panel, installation process, and should generally be straightforward. With Cocospy Keylogger for Android, you get a video tutorial to guide you, not to mention their vibrant and easy to understand interface. You get to start using the app within minutes of installing it.

Using the iPhone Keylogger in Stealth mode

Many parents want an iPhone keylogger app that operates in their children’s phone’s background to avoid conflict or behavior adjustment. Be sure to choose a spy app that runs in stealth mode, which means that it works without the owner knowing. Cocospy iPhone keylogger is the best stealth app; it is designed to remove the app as soon as the installation is complete, as well as all other trails that can give you out.

iPhone/iPad Keylogger Legality

While spying on someone’s personal phone or tablet may be unethical, there are apps designed for legal use. Choose one that is legally designed to avoid future conflict with the law.

Avoid apps that come from shady-looking sites, as these are most likely illegal, and will expose you and the target device to a myriad of threats. Cocospy is legally designed for use in parental control and monitoring of employees’ company-issued devices.


This guide will help you choose the best iPhone keylogger app. Be sure to use it for legal purposes to avoid run-ins with the law.