10 Mindblowing Google Projects That Failed-1

10 Mindblowing Google Projects That Failed

No, Google has not changed its name as you read recently, let’s just say the huge firm reorganizes and that only its web branch will retain the name of Google, the rest becoming Alphabet. But today, as the Californian giant turns a new page in its history, we decided to explore its past and go in the cemetery of Google’s failed projects, because you can not succeed every time.

  1. Google Lively– July 2008 -> December 2008

    On paper, Google’s virtual 3D world project was quite enticing. Upto Eight people could interact in a chat room using 3D environment. Lively did not make Much impact. Now, everyone has forgotten Lively.

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  2. Google Answers – 2002 -> 2006

    It was Google’s competitor to the Yahoo Answers.  Which ensured, unlike its competitor, a professional answer on a given topic. These “Researchers” were paid to answer. Today in the age of social networks and specialized sites, such sites have lost their interest. Pay 30 dollars to read a Wikipedia page, it would not work today!!!

    10 Mindblowing Google Projects That Failed-

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  3. Dodgeball – 2003 -> 2009

    Dodgeball was a geolocation service created in 2003 by two students Dennis Crowley and Alex Rainert and bought by Google in 2005. Frustrated with Google, the two students left Google after two years. One of the students retried by making Foursquare and Google had to close Dodgeball in 2009.

    10 Mindblowing Google Projects That Failed-1

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  4. Google Buzz – 2010 -> 2011

    Google Buzz did not last long and there are a lot of reasons for that. Rather unwelcome for reasons of privacy, it never really established itself as a social network in face of the giants like Facebook and Twitter. The buzz did not take that long and was stopped in less than a year after its launch, giving way to Google +.

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  5. Google Videos – 2006 -> 2011

    This service never really had an added value and obviously did not work very well. When youtube was successfully launched, Google took over and developed it as its video sharing service while Google Video disappeared.

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  6. Google Wave – 2010 -> 2012

    Google Wave was a collaborative platform with integrated e-mail, instant messaging, collaborative editing and social networking. It would have revolutionized the old e-mail. However, it was too complex for many users and was droned in 2012.

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  7. Jaiku – 2006 -> 2012

    Following the same pattern as Dodgeball, Google also bought a microblogging service Jaiku, comparable in every way to Twitter. As Dodgeball, Jaiku has not really taken off. Phased out (before switching to open-source and then definitively closed), Jaiku also borne the brunt of the arrival of Google+ that the company really wanted to highlight.

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  8. Knol – 2008 -> 2012

    Knol was thought by Google as a way to compete wikipedia by providing more reliable information. Here, writers were paid to write articles, but the monumental lead taken by Wikipedia in terms of volume of articles was such that Knol was quickly forgotten.

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  9. Google Notebook – 2006 -> 2009

    Google Notebook (or Notepad) was launched in 2006 and allowed to simply save text, images, links, all on one page. A nice service that was quickly replaced by other more comprehensive and practical Google Docs.

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  10. Google Page Creator – 2006 -> 2009

    As its name suggests beautifully, Page Creator used to create pages easily without having to know coding. It was so simple that the result was no good and this may be why the service was closed in 2009 to be incorporated into more comprehensive Google Sites.

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Yes, Google also has room for error.