Dubike: A High-Tech Ecological Bike That Monitor Your Fitness-11

Things are changing across the globe and if you don’t change along with them, you might become irrelevant and be eventually pushed out of the market. The changes have spread its wings even to the fitness industry where you have [...]

The Drinkable Book by Water Is Life Can Save Million Of Lives By Cleaning The Dirty Water-4

Each year 3.4 million people die because of diseases caused by contaminated water. Water is Life has attempted to remedy this problem by creating "The Drinkable Book", each page of the book is a special filter to eliminate almost all kinds [...]

Alert Shirt Lets You Feel The Same Sensations As Your Favorite Footballer-2

Alert Shirt is a unique and innovative product for the rugby passionate. This connected T-shirt, created by an Australian sports television, allows people to have exactly same sensations as that of a football player. We explain to you its operation.  [...]

Meet Carmelo Flores Aged 123 years: The World's Oldest healthy Man Alive-1

According to the Bolivian record Carmelo Flores, aged  123 year's, should be the world's oldest man yet alive. Born in 1890, the Carmelo turned 123 in 2013 according to Bolivian civil registry records. If this information is true, the man he would become [...]

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