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Tips You Need to Stand Out in Our Millennial Fitness Industry

Things are changing across the globe and if you don’t change along with them, you might become irrelevant and be eventually pushed out of the market. The changes have spread its wings even to the fitness industry where you have to be well-digitalized to be visible to your clients.

You might be asking yourself why your competitors are doing better than you or why they’re attracting more customers. Well, the fact that you haven’t stepped up to the latest digital trends is the major reason even your most reliable customers are branching to your competitor.

The emergence of various social media platforms like Instagram, Snap Chat, and even Facebook has helped many people in the fitness industry to promote their services. Promoting a fitness business is less-complicated especially when you have the laid down strategies that would help to attract new members into your fitness center.

The following are some of the strategies that would help you to reach your target growth.

Don’t keep changing prices

Constant change in price puts your business in a very bad image before your customers. As much as you want to be on par with your competitors, you must avoid changing your prices every now and then. Avoid that dirty game of competing, and implement fitness marketing tips that would help to boost your business growth.

Use discounts and offers

You should always take advantage of seasons to issue discounts and offers in order to attract new customers. It’s not unusual to find people looking for promos that typically help them to reduce their spending.

Reward your staff

They are the drivers of your fitness business. You must always reward and appreciate them whenever they do a good job. Eventually, this will lead to great customer service which will in turn increase your clientele base.

Create a sense of family

You need to be boost customer loyalty in your services. To make your fitness business successful, you have to make every customer feel appreciated and create a sense of belonging in them. In addition to this, training your staff to be friendly and welcoming can help your customers feel part and parcel of the fitness center family.

There’s no doubt that the above strategies can help you get new members to business. But the big question is how do you achieve all the above? Which marketing ideas should you embrace?

Fitness Marketing Tips

Here are 5 proven fitness marketing tips that you need to achieve this:

1. Have a Great Website

Studies show that over 85% of consumers in the United States usually conduct online research before making a purchase decision. This should tell you that a great number of people will search for the best fitness centers online before deciding on which of them to patronize. Therefore, you need to have a strong web presence and a well-optimized website that can easily be opened with a Smartphone.

2. Dominate SERPs

You need everyone who searches for anything to do with fitness or gym to get your own on the first page of the search engine. You can employ pay-per-click advertising; add a rank and organic website listings.

3. Leverage social media marketing

This is one of the best fitness marketing strategies of all time. Since most millennials spend more time on social media especially on Facebook and Instagram, it’s definitely a great idea to channel some energy to those channels.

4. Don’t leave out video marketing

There’s no doubt that every online business needs to create a visual appeal to stay ahead of the game. Customers will get more attracted to your fitness center when they see awesome videos of what happens at your gym. And this is what implementing video marketing helps you to achieve.

5. Build a reputation

Building a reputation is one of the main reasons why many businesses experience a spike in growth. So, if you’re also looking to project your fitness business and rank among the industry leaders, you have to build a good image for your gym by providing services that are second to none, rolling out great offers, maintaining constant and reasonable pricing, and offering great customer service.


In addition to the above-mentioned strategies, making use of testimonials and reviews is a sure-fire way to attract new customers. Lastly, providing unique website content is paramount to ranking better in the search engines. It is what brings all other strategies together, and if you must stand out in the millennial fitness industry, you must not implement one strategy at the expense of the other.