21 Old Funny Looking Yet Useless Inventions Of The Past


Here are few interesting and funny looking technologies of the past.

sewing machine

A bicycle that is multi-purpose which sews the clothes with a built-in sewing machine (1939,USA)


an interesting hat for the radio lovers invented in USA (1931)

smoke in rain

Non stop smoking for chain smoker who could not even wait for rain to stop. A USA-based invention (1931)

safety cover for vehicle

A safety cover used in order to reduce the number of accidents on the roads (France, 1924)

single wheel motorcycle

odd looking bike can reach the top speed of 150Km/h (Italy, 1931)

face protector during storm and ice stom

Protect your face during heavy rain, ice storm and hailing. It was the concept behind these funny looking masks (canada, 1939)

life jackets

Interesting but odd looking life jackets with the help of bicycle tube in Germany (1925)

pic capturing revolver

in USA, a revolver was invented that used to capture the picture of the target before shooting

hold two cigerrates

Hold Two Cigarettes with one mouthpiece (1932)

laying glass

Reading a book while you are laying on the bed. Used these glasses back in 1936 in UK

fax newspaper

How cute is to see these kids reading a fax newspaper (1938)

old hair dryer

You must have seen number of hair dryer but this unique hair dryer was used back in history is still comparable with modern hair dryer

baby stroller

A baby stroller used in 2nd world war to save the children from gas attacks

extending RV

Extendable RV in France (1934)

face mask

To protect the face of the Hollywood actresses, this ice cube mask was used during 1947 in USA

expanding bridge

In 1939,a suspension bridge was invented that could bear the weight of number of people as depicted in the picture there in Switzerland

bedridden piano

everyone must have a right to play piano so here is the old piano for bedridden people (1935, UK)

device to teach walking to toddlers

Learning how to walk is an issue for children since 1939 when this device was invented

amphibitious bicycle

a cycle that can run on both the land and water invented in France (1932)

all-terrain vehicle

a vehicle was invented in 1931 that could run on all terrain with a maximum 65 degrees slope

Analog GPS Navigation system

GPS is a technology being used since many years with this analog scroller equipped with a map




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