Top 20 Brilliant But Useless Japanese Inventions (Gallery)

Japan is the land of rising sun and full of strange things. In 1980 a Japanese engineer named Kenji Kawakami invented the concept of Chindogu (unusual objects). He innovated and invented many useful tools but they did not succeed commercially. However, there is no doubt in the creativity and innovation of these objects.

Wig office

Office Wig

The toothbrush finger
The  finger toothbrush
The Swiss Army Knife of garden
The Swiss Knife For gardening
The solar lighter
The solar lighter
The rods with integrated fan.
The  chop sticks with integrated fan.
The inverted umbrella connected to a canister.
The Inverted Umbrella Connected To A Canister For Collecting Drinking Water.
The brush slippers
The Slippers With Garbage Sweeping And Collecting Arrangement
A 100% integrated ear.
A 100% Protected Ear.
The mini-umbrellas that arise on shoes.
The Mini-umbrellas For Shoes.
Goggles for cutting onions safely without having tears.
Goggles For Cutting Onions Safely Without Having Tears.
Glasses with hole to pour drops into eyes without dropping.
Glasses With Hole To Pour Eye Drops Into Eyes.
Fags slippers.
Slippers To Kill Cockroaches
An umbrella tie.
An Umbrella As A Tie.
An 'legacy' pillow.
An Unique pillow.
A stick butter.
A  Butter Stick.
A pull screen.
A Jacket For Screen.
A portfolio tie.
A Tie As Wallet.
A device to look inside ears icts.
A Device To Look Inside Ears.
A (double) breast nipple
A (double) breast nipple