With The Muscle Memory, Even Kids Can Teach Robots The Use Of Limbs-

With Muscle Memory, Even Kids Can Teach Robots The Use Of Limbs

Robots are playing a vital role in our daily life from kitchen to gardening and from industry to sports. Robots are controlling the whole factories reducing the need of manpower and making life better. Now, the technology for robots has reached at a point where we want to make everything robotic. Even in military, we are using robots like drones and remote controlled missiles. At this stage of technology, human sense are being used to get full benefit.

Robots now are skiing and majoring in sports

Who could think that one day kids will be teaching robots? Oh! It has happened. Recently the robotocists from the Bielefeld University, Germany have developed a technique namely “goal hobbling”. It uses the memory for making gestures. It is believed that kids also use this technique for learning the use of their limbs.

Robots use the technique that kids use to make gestures

In this context in 2010, researchers from a German company Festo had made experiments on robots shaped as an elephant trunk. Robot trunk consisted of a no. of inflated tubes with a pincer at their end. The tasks supposed to be performed were simple like plucking flower and opening the door. However, this trunk was very woolly and could not achieve the expected goals.

Memory Based Movements of Robots
Kids are teaching robots how to make gestures

With the advancement of technology and the use of muscle memory, it is now possible for robots to learn from the gestures. They learn from the gestures of others and memorize it. The robot trunk consists of no. of inflated pipes which exert pressure to perform a particular movement. So, a robots learns how much pressure is required in each tube to make a particular movement. So, different acts and gestures require different amount of pressure. We can use it for plucking a flower and picking up a cane of coke. Once a particular movement is learned, it can be repeated just by invoking the memory. Robot can learn a variety of gestures in this way and reproduce them as well. This can revolutionize the world of robots for the betterment of mankind. These robots can help women in making food or help those who have forgotten to switch off the bulb.

Robot Helping In Kitchen
Robots can become good cook

This strengthens the idea of “robo-servant” who will remember how you like to decor your home, or office. It will help you to arrange the laundry in the wardrobe. Once you have taught robo-servant by moving legs and arms, it can repeat it. Hence, there is no need of an expert programmer for your house-hold stuff. So, no need to get worried, one can enjoy his holidays without tension!