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Where can I sell my car?

Many people have approached us asking, “Where can I sell my car?” If you have made the decision to sell your car but don’t know exactly how or where to do it, you should know that there are several options. Taking into account the state of your car, the situation you are in and the time you want to sell it, you can decide where to sell your car according to where it suits you best.

Between individuals

The first alternative on where to sell a car is to make the sale between individuals. This means that you can simply sell your car to someone else without the need for an intermediary. It can be from selling your car to a family member, friend or acquaintance or to a stranger who can be contacted through an advertisement, whether physical or online. To do this, you must announce as widely as possible that you want to sell your used car and for this you can basically use three means.

Spread the word

Let all your acquaintances know that you are going to sell your used car and would appreciate it if you could also tell your friends.

Advertisement on wheels

If you are wondering where can I sell my car? We can tell you that a very effective way is to advertise it on your car! Put an ad in the window of your own car with the most relevant data and some contact information, be it a phone number, mobile phone or email. This way you will be announcing selling my car every time you are behind the wheel.

Used notices

Advertising your car in the newspaper is still a very effective and effective method of selling a used car. You will have to pay for the ad, but you will surely receive many calls from interested people.

Nowadays, however, it is easier and cheaper to advertise online. There are many portals on the internet, such as, where you can advertise your car and find a good buyer. Take a good look at choosing the best photos, with good light and covering all the angles of your car. If your car has a defect, it is also important to mention it and place a photo of the defect so that the buyer is not disappointed when going to see the car.

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The advantages of making the sale between individuals is that you can do it quickly and without having to pay an intermediary to manage all the necessary procedures.

On the other hand, there are some disadvantages, such as having to prepare the purchase contract on your own, managing the change of the owner in Traffic yourself and knowing that you will have the responsibility and the obligation to respond to possible hidden problems that keep your car for the next six months after sale. For this reason, it is recommended that when selling your car, you share the vehicle report with the buyer in order to create confidence and assure the buyer that you are buying a car without problems and with a clean record.

Through a dealer

The second option is to sell your car through a dealer; in this case you will not have to take care of all the paperwork involved in selling a car; from advertising the vehicle to paying the appraisal and another series of bureaucratic procedures. The most important thing if you decide to sell your car through a dealer is to review several and find out about the policies and conditions that they have in order to choose the best option.

Scrap yards

A third alternative and just in case your car is already very old and you think that nobody will want to buy it, is to sell your car to a cash cars buyer. Here you can sell it by parts or even complete despite being old or having irreparable breakdowns. Obviously the value that they will offer you will be very low, but it is a good option to get rid of your old car and get an amount of money.