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What’s a Google Fax Number and How to Get One Free

Google fax number refers to the fax number linked to your Gmail account. The connection enables you to send and receive faxes automatically using your Gmail.

As opposed to a traditional fax machine, you only need a virtual fax number. You can get a virtual fax number from an online fax service. Since the process doesn’t require a physical setup, it is ready in a couple of minutes.

Despite the name, the fax number is not obtained from Google. Rather, you need the services of reliable online fax service. CocoFax is the recommended online fax service that converts inbound faxes into digital faxes.

The online fax number receives incoming faxes and sends them through CocoFax. CocoFax instantly converts your faxes into pdf and forwards them to your Gmail address.

Also, the Google Fax number from CocoFax allows you to send faxes online. All the faxes are encrypted and are transmitted through secure connections to safeguard your faxes online.

CocoFax reputable review is available at Google Fax Free’s website. The active Google fax number will also notify you of all incoming faxes via Gmail notifications.

How to get Google fax number

As already noted, Google doesn’t provide fax service. So you will need the service of third-party apps such as CocoFax. When signing up for the service, CocoFax lets you choose a custom fax number free of charge.

Getting a Google fax number entails signing up for the service of online fax service. To link your Gmail with your preferred Gmail account, you need to sign up using the same Gmail address.

Fortunately, you get 30 days of free with CocoFax. This way you can send a receive fax using your Gmail account. Best of all, you can link different Gmail addresses to the same fax number.

The feature is useful if you have multiple people responsible for sending and receiving faxes. It saves you the time you would spend forwarding faxes to other users.

Our recommended Google Fax number service – CocoFax

In our opinion, CocoFax is the best online fax service to get your Google fax number. Besides, CocoFax has gained the trust of over a million users. Also, major media outlets like Forbes have featured this online fax service.


CocoFax is the best online fax provider and offers the most affordable pricing. It allows you to send both local and international faxes.

Using CocoFax to get a free Google fax number

To get your Google Fax number using CocoFax, you need to have a Gmail account. Provided you have your preferred Gmail account ready, visit the official CocoFax website to sign up.

As you sign up, you will have the chance of choosing your custom fax number free of charge. What’s more, your fax number will be ready for use in just a few minutes.

Cocofax accounts

Sending and receive fax using Google fax number

Step 1: Log in to your Gmail account you used to register for the CocoFax service. Click the ‘Compose’ button to start crafting your fax using your Gmail.

Step 2: Fill in the necessary details. In the ‘To’ field provide the fax number of the recipient followed by If the fax number is 12345, then the recipient fax number should be

Cocofax files

Next, fill in the ‘Subject’ field with what you want to appear at the top of the fax. Also, you can add content in the email body section to create your cover page. The cover page will be the first page in your fax.

Besides, you can attach files such as pdf, doc, xls, png and jpg. When you convinced your fax captures your communication, click the ‘Send’ button.

CocoFax will receive your email and translate it before sending it to the recipient. After successfully sending your fax, you receive a notification in your Gmail.

Receiving faxes: When you receive fax using your Google fax number, CocoFax transforms it into pdf and forwards it to your Gmail. You will receive a pdf attachment which you can download, print or share as you wish.


With CocoFax, you get a reliable Google fax number that allows you to send and receive faxes in Gmail. With CocoFax you enjoy a free Google fax number that allows you to conveniently send and receive faxes.