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What Is HP HPE0-S46 EXAM – How To Pass It

Before we go on to convey the information related to the exam, we would like to tell you some interesting facts. How many of you know that Hewlett Packard is no longer Hewlett Packard? Yes, in 2015 the typical desktop, laptop and printer manufacturer split into Hewlett Packard Inc and Hewlett Packard Inc. HP Inc retained the desktop and laptop products while HPE moved towards the software business. With HPE great hopes for IT professionals developed in the form of certification programs. The HPE certifications and Learning programs help individuals accelerate their career. They offer both technically focused and sales focused certifications. As the name suggests technically focused certifications certify the technical expertise and sales focused certifications certify the sales expertise.

In this article we are going to talk about:

  1. HPE ASE – Server Solutions Architect V3 certifications.
  2. What is the exam about?
  3. Why is it necessary to earn the certification?
  4. Ideal candidates for the certification exam.
  5. What are the objectives of the exam?
  6. Steps for registration
  7. And some other minor details about the exam.

What is HPE ASE?

HPE offers multiple levels of technical certifications. They are:

  1. Master Level- HPE MASTER ASE
  2. Expert Level- HPE ASE
  3. Professional Level- HPE ATP

HPE ASE or HPE Accredited Solutions Expert validates that you have multiple layered technical skills. It certifies that you can talk, design, administer, deploy, and support HPE solutions across physical, virtual and cloud environments. Out all the levels Master ASE is the most challenging and highly valuable credential. You need to have previous levels to reach that one.

What is HPE0-S46 exam all about?

This HPE0-S46 exam falls under HPE ASE- Server Solution Architect V3 certification. It tests the knowledge and skills of the candidates on architecting HPE server products and solutions. The exam will test you with your knowledge on server architectures and associated technologies and their features, functions, and benefits.

Why should you get this certification?

This certification will:

  • Validate that you got the experience, skills and knowledge necessary to design, recommends and prove and design HPE ProLiant, Blade System and synergy server solutions.
  • Help you to represent much better in competitive calculations in front of customers.
  • Help you to prove that you have familiarity management or administration tools like HPE One View.
  • Help you maximize the investments of organizations in HPE server solutions.
  • Help you get much better career as a quality and certified server person.
  • Validate that you can summarize the top four IT changing areas.
  • Help you explainfunctions and features of HPE Apollo great performance computing solutions.
  • Educate you with the skills inproduct remote administration with HPE graphs Online and Insight remotecare.
  • Help you perform managedthings with HPE OneView 3.0.

Who are the ideal candidates for this certification?

  • Candidates who have not acquired the previous versions of this certification and are new to the HPE ASE HPE0-S46 – Server Solutions Architect certification.
  • Anybody can take the exam, but it is recommended that candidates should have a minimum of two years’ working knowledge and experience with structuring HPE server solutions.
  • Candidates should have knowledge of industry basic server technology from training or job experience.

General Details about the exam:

  1. The Exam id for HPE ASE- Server Solutions Architect V3 is https://www.examsnap.com/hpe0-s46-dumps.html.
  2. The Exam type is Proctored.
  3. You will be given 1 hour 30 minutes to complete the exam.
  4. There will be 60 questions in total.
  5. You will have to score at least 70% to pass the exam.
  6. The exam will be conducted in the English language.

What type of questions will appear in the exam?

You can expect questions with:

  • Fill in the blanks
  • Multiple Choice (multiple response)
  • Multiple Choice (single response)

What are the objectives of this exam?

Detailed objectives can be found in HPE’s website. We have mentioned only a few for a starter:

The exam certifies that you can:

Under Foundational server structure and technologies:

  1. Differentiate between processor classes and types.
  2. Explain I/O accelerator technologies
  3. Describe and explain technologies used in networks.

Under Functions, features, and benefits of HPE server products and solutions

  1. Allocate and explain HPE fault and health in technologies.
  2. Explain the HPE standard and warranties for server solutions.
  3. Propose HPE server I/O connectivity options.

Under Planning and designing HPE server solutions:

  1. Determine information needed to understand the customer’s needs.
  2. Explain concepts of designing, sizing, and validating the solution.

You can find more on objectives here->


What are the steps to acquire this certification?

  • First you will need to acquire access to the Learning Center.
  • Get an HPE Learner ID. There is a couple of methods to get an HPE Learner ID depending upon your employer type. You can find more information on the official website of HPE.
  • You will also need to create a profile with Pearson VUE. It is the exam delivery center of HPE.
  • There are two related certifications for this exam:
  1. HPE ASE – Server Solutions Architect V3
  2. HPE ASE – Server Solutions Architect V3- upgrade from IBM System x certifications.

Check whether you qualify for the upgrade path on the official website of the HPE.

  • Register for the certification from the Learning center by logging in using your id and password.

Some other important details about the exam:

You will not be allowed any online or hardcopy recommendation materials at the examining site. HPE looks for improving their exam patterns and course materials and therefore this exam may include beta test products for experimental things. You will be allowed to make specific comments about the items. Comments should be based on accuracy and appropriateness of the items for the audience and other related things.

For completing the exam successfully make sure to finish the course and review all the training materials and documents before scheduling the exam. Also, make sure to take a look at the HPE Exam Preparation book and visit the HPE press for additional resources like study guides and practice tests.