Top 10 Free Mobile Apps For Students To Better Organize Daily Life-

Top 10 Free Mobile Apps For Students To Better Organize Daily Life

Small, practical and playful, the smartphone is now an almost indispensable element in the life of a student. With a multitude of available applications, it is a multifunctional tool that facilitates our daily life. Discover 10 free applications tailored for students to let them stay informed, better organized or save money.

Better organized


This excellent application will allow you to stay organized no matter where you are and thus help you to improve your productivity. With Evernote you can take written or audio notes, create to-do lists or keep pictures. All this will be automatically synchronized to be accessible via any device (computer, smartphone or tablet). With this application you can also easily share your notes with your classmates or facilitate group work.

Stay Informed


If you daily check the social networking or the news sites without necessarily having the time to read articles or watch videos. With this application you can save any of this content to see it later on. Its a big advantage? What you have saved can be accessed without internet access, perfect for frequent train or subway travellers!

Organize leisure


You do not know what to do during the evenings? Shows, parties, concerts, exhibitions, this location-based app allows you to view all live events taking place near you. With its integration with Facebook you can also contact other Balumpa users who have shared their leisure ideas or are seeking advice on the matter.

TV Show Time

TV Show Time will change the lives of students addicted to the TV series! This application allows you to build a database about the ongoing series, episodes seen and the series ended etc. To do this, simply create an account, add series and tick an episodes as seen. With this app you’ll never miss any episode with the broadcast schedule and you can also share it with friends.

Better for shopping


With Plyce and its geolocation system you can stay informed about all promotions, sales or discount coupons near you. For those who travel by car this application also offers an entry to the nearest and cheapest gasoline station. Finally, you can also save all your shopping cards in the app and lighten your wallet!


Prixing lets you compare the prices of different products near you. Just scan a product and know about its price in all the supermarkets near you. Or create a shopping list, select the stores offering your products at the cheapest price and save with the list!

Expense Manager

This simple application allows you to manage your budget. Every day a small notification will remind you to enter your expenses in the different categories like “food and beverages”, “Transport”, “Health”, “Recreation” or “Other”. At the end of the month you will have a very clear picture of how much you have spent and how to optimize your spending!

Keep informed

digiSchool media

digiSchool media is an app specifically designed for students and organizes the useful articles and tips in 5 sections of student news updates, orientation, employment, housing and fun. A must for students with a very simple and easy to use interface.

Drop Box

This app allows you to store your data directly onto a secure web folder, no matter where you are. You only have to drop a file or folder into Drop Box, the application automatically handles the synchronisation procedure. Very helpful in the case you loose your smartphone or want to work in group by sharing your files with your friends or class fellows.

Indeed, these apps are really useful for the students. Would you like to use or using any of the above mentioned apps.