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Tech Experts Predict 8 Big Trends In Software Development

Technological innovations are no longer limited to the Marvel and DC Universe. Batman and Ironman are not the only ones with cool gadgets these days. Technology has finally surpassed the barrier of comic books and animated movies, eventually becoming a reality. This current generation of tech stars and geeks owes a great deal to software development. The technological uprising in our hands has become possible only due to software development. It has brought us wonders like cloud computing and artificial intelligence.

Indeed, we have come a long way. But miles to go before we rest. The innovations that we have created are just the tip of the iceberg. A lot more is coming our way. One of the software development companies and tech expert —, predicts the next innovations in the development world.


The internet of things covers a broad category of devices that are connected to the internet. These applications are available to both customers and industrial domains. Additionally, IoT is showing a lot of potential in the area of customer experience and safety.

IoT is going to have a stronghold in the future. More than 90 percent of the cars will be IoT enabled by 2020.


The future will see a shift to functions-as-a-service as against the structure we are currently using. Additionally, low latency and remote function will surface.

Language change

JavaScript is quite popular currently, among full-stack developers. This trend is further going to be continued in the days to come.

According to Studies conducted by Stack Overflow, Node.js was seen to be the most popular language followed by React and Angular. All of these are in the framework of javascript.

Delta testing

Beta testing is rendering itself irrelevant as they are failing to fit the complexity of modern software. It’s time for the Delta test to take over since it has a continuous active group of customers, highlighting the changes to be made.


The need for security is not only limited to our homes anymore. Its importance has spread to the business world as well. Data loss and data theft have been recurring in the past, creating significant roadblocks for IT companies. In the days to come, custom software development will take on Cybersecurity.

Since Cybersecurity is becoming an essential parameter in website development, ace companies must be approached. They provide excellent data security, which will come in handy in the days to come.

Facebook groups

The best software development projects use agile structures and a broad feedback method. Facebook groups and other interactive platforms provide that opportunity and will thus be a part of the future software development trends.

Artificial intelligence

AI continues to create magnificent innovations in software development. Business operations have become quite simple, and a lot of growth is expected in the field of healthcare, education, and banking.

Low or no-code tools

Since digital transformation can only be made possible when people are independent and self-serving, low-code or no-code tools come into being. These will be a part of the future as they allow the custom building of apps and processes within a few minutes.

Innovations are changing by the minute. What may seem surprising now will be obsolete in the next moment. This trend data from showcases how the software development industry has transformed over the years and is further evolving. There is no waiting time in this chase. It’s right now!