Stunning Art Work Through Shell And Sand (Photo Gallery)

A proficient Ukrainian artist Svetlana Ivanchenko, shows her marvelous art work to the world. She has a unique way of showing her artistic abilities as she creates amazing portraits using  sand and sea shells. She is the native of Yalta, spent lot of time on the shores of Black Sea during her childhood. Hence, she was fascinated by natural objects which were around her. A graduate of Crimean Art School, she worked under the supervision of famous artist Sergei Bokaeva.

While viewing the portraits of Svetlana, made using sand, sea shells  and tree pieces only, it is hard to believe that this work was done using hands and without the use of any other colours and objects.

A Horse (Credit Svetlana Ivanchenko)
A veiled woman (Credit Svetlana Ivanchenko)
A Lion on the sand(Credit Svetlana Ivanchenko)
Sea Waves(Credit Svetlana Ivanchenko)
A gentleman (Credit Svetlana Ivanchenko)