Sports Management Software: A Comprehensive Guide On What You Need To Know About New Software Programs


I want to first talk about what sports management software is because some of you might not know. Sports management software is(basically) your all-in-one, the cookie-cutter dashboard that helps you to manage your sports team easier.

1) It will include everything from payment plans to software for sports registration. Online registration can be challenging, particularly when you have a lot of members signing up. The software for sports registration component makes things a lot easier and more organized.

2) You will also get financial reports and yearly progress reports on every player.

3) You will get the mobile app option. That means you can stay in touch with players on-the-go. You can offer guidance and support for little league players who need a little more guidance than others. You will also get updates on player communication, including invoices and newsletters.

4) The great thing about this software is it reduces the paperwork you would normally have to contend with. You can set up renewal paperwork and annual dues with the touch of a button. The app makes it much simpler to collect dues owed by the players and their families, and we all know how annoying that can be.

5) The other great thing about this software is it identifies players who are not as engaged as they need to be. Some players are going to present more challenging.

Some players lose interest for one reason or another. The software shows you which players are becoming detached. That way you can spend a little extra time with them and find out why.

How To Pick The Right Software

Several components go into picking the right software for your little league team. We have a few listed below.

1) What about the fees? How much will you be expected to pay initially? What about the renewal fees? What will they charge after the first year or so? Are there hidden fees they are not telling you about?

2) How complicated is it to learn and use. The last thing you want is to support a system that takes you forever to get started. It is similar to going to the kitchen for something to eat. It should not take 15 minutes to get a cracker(tv reference for the show Mom).

3) How fast do you need it? Some people can afford to wait a little while. Some need it by yesterday.

4) Can it be used with other systems you have(say, for instance, Quickbooks)?

5) How secure is the software? Do you need more than one anti-virus program?

There are other questions, but we think you get a general idea here.

Sometimes it is helpful to try the software for free before you make a final selection. The software should come with a free trial period. That way you can get your feet wet.

“You do not jump into the deep end of the ocean before you learn to use the kiddie pool”.

Software Programs You Might Want To Consider

Wild Apricot

According to little leaguers everywhere, this software has been around for a long time(some might say 100 years). It has been used by more than 100 teams in the US. It has everything from convenient payment plans to easy online registration. You will also find membership levels customized for you. You select the level your child is on the form the drop-down menu and you are in the club( so to speak).

It has members-only area access. It will also give updates as to when your fees are due and how much you owe( based on your level).

You have a one-month free trial. After that, you will have to pay $40 a month(for the basic plan). You will have to pay more if you want a plan with more features. There are different levels and plans for this option. We encourage you to do a Google search. That way you can pick the option that fits your needs.

Active Network

This one has several pricing options, which you will have to submit a request form for information. The software program has all the features you could expect. Plans range from the basic to advanced levels. Once again, it depends on your needs for the little league team.

Goal Line

This is another one where you will have to request information about payments. Do you want to try the free demo version first? You will also have to submit a request form to try it. It will give you information on what is available and when.

This software is perfect if you have a softball, baseball, or volleyball team. It includes everything from payment plans and options to online scoring. You can follow the scores in real-time without having to wait a few hours for an update.


This is where you get into some of the more advanced software programs for little league. You will have to pay $60 a year(and that is a lowball figure). You will also have a .5% transaction fee with your membership. There is a free trial that lasts for two weeks. After that, they will start charging unless you choose to opt-out. We suggest you opt-out before the two weeks is up unless you know for sure you want to keep it.

Omnify is a simple software program with advanced supports, bookings, and scheduling. You can also get into staff management and insights if you want.


There is a free version available to get your feet wet. However, if you want to get into the more advanced features they will ask you to pay. The level of payment is based on how advanced you want to go.

The software is not so much for players, but for those who are administrators, parents, and coaches. This one has everything including advanced billing, video chat, and instant messaging.


Once again, this software program is for a manager and team that want more advanced options. You are charged a .75% transaction fee upfront. Your credit card will be charged a processing fee($2.70).

After that, the program is free(we think, for the most part). It comes with everything from mobile applications to managing tournaments. You can also organize and file events and other scheduling matters.

Power Up

The only way you will find out about the payment options is by filling out a request form(like the other two). There is a demo version to try. However, you will also have to request it.

The software comes from Canada. You can schedule volunteers for events both setup and cleanup. The email option is huge. You can communicate with everyone about anything. There is a feature for details regarding referees, as well as others in management. You get the complete package with this software program.