glass bowl

SolarSinter Project To Low Cost Build Glass From Sand Using 3D Printing

Advanced technology is being developed to use renewable energy to to build glass from natural resources. The 3D printer working on sunlight is used to make glass from desert sand. The purpose of the project is to achieve low cost desert manufacturing.

The nature has bestowed upon us with sand in abundance. Now it is up to us whether we use to build castles or computers. Recently, Markus Kaisar has started a project with an aim to explore the prospects of desert manufacturing. The desert manufacturing concept makes use of the abundant availability of sand on the planet. Named as SolarSinter, the project that has yielded glass out of sand with the help of solar-powered 3D printer.


solar printer
Markus Kaiser project has produced glass with the help of desert sand and solar-powered 3D printer.
glass bowl
The amazing advancement is made possible with the help of a unique blend of hi-technology and raw natural resources.

The raw material used in the experiments are sand and sun light. This venture uses renewable energy in conjunction with the technological marvel of 3D printing process to achieve remarkable results. Many new horizons for research and development will now be opened, resulting in a new debate in the field of solar energy.