Smart Phone Spying With Spyic


Mobile phones have made communication so easy, and we have technology to thank. Human interaction has become better because you do not have to line up at the telephone booth or sit next to the landline waiting for a call.  However, the reverse is that mobile phone usage has its dangers, especially among teens and young kids.

Some people will target your kids for all the wrong reasons.  You will have to monitor their communication devices. That is why you need a way to free spy phones without the phone you’re spying on knowing that you are doing it. You may be quesstioning whether it is possible, and we are happy to say that it is.

  • How To Spy On A Phone Without Physically Accessing It

There are two operating platforms for smart devices, namely, Android and iOS. If your target is an Android device, you will physically need to access it to install the spyware, in a process known as rooting or jailbreaking.   The trick is in getting the individual to give you the phone to install the apps.

But, it is possible to spy on a phone without physically handling it. Read on below for more information.

  • Spy On A Phone With Spyic

Spyic is an excellent app for anyone who wants to monitor a phone remotely. If you are an employer, install Spyic on the company mobile devices so that you always know where your employees are.  You will be able to see whether they are in the right place, or not, thereby allowing you to take corrective measures if you need to.

If you’re a parent, you can rest easy knowing that you can set parental controls on the phones of the kids.  You also get to see precisely what is happening on the target phone at all times.

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Spyic works in the background, and the person you’re monitoring will never know that you are watching them. It will work on both the iOS and Android platforms. It is incredibly useful; if we are to take the word of the other one million plus people who are currently using it.

Do not worry that you are breaking the law because the system is legal.

  • Setting Up Spyic

The advantage with Spyic is that you can set it up remotely on the iOS platform.  You do not have to jailbreak the phone, and all you need is the iCloud credentials of the target device. Unfortunately the same does not apply with Android devices, because you will need to get your hands on it for a short while.

The steps are simple and are as below:-

  1. Sign up for an account on Spyic  using your existing email

  2. Choose which package you want, depending on the number of devices you would like to monitor; you have the option of basic, premium and family.

  3. Follow the straight forward prompts

  4. Give Spyic some time to sync with the target device; whether the iCloud account or Android phone

  5. Go to the dashboard to get access to the features you can enjoy

What Are the Benefits of Spyic?

  • You do need to jailbreak or root the phone

  • You get access to the social media apps,  media files, messages, call logs among others

  • It is easy to install on both Android and iOS.  Within minutes you will be done, and you do not even need to be tech-savvy to do the setup

  • The user of the phone you are spying on will never know what you’re up to.  It’s a web-based platform, and you do not need any software

  • It works in the background and will not interfere with the normal working of the phone.

  • The remote control is intuitive,  and easy-to-use from the control panel

  • The thousands of customer in more than 190 countries cannot be wrong about how effective it is

Final Thoughts

You do not need to hire the services of a private detective to let you know what is going on in the target phone.  With a simple installation of Spyic, you will have all the information you require. There is no lengthy process to the signup, and you get a wide range of functionality.